• The wind whipped around the edges of my jacket, biting at my exposed face. The autumn air was slowly turning into winter, cold and depressing. I sighed, walking down the block to my house. It was a familiar route, one I was used to taking every day, before and after school. I shivered as another gust of air came around and threw my hair into a frenzy. I absolutely detested winter. I started hearing a cawing sound, off in the distance. I was almost sure it was crow. I was definitely sure it was annoying as hell. I tried to drown out the constant caws, not that it was an easy feat to accomplish. It was already starting, the animals mourning the dead warmth. Why did it have to be the crow that started? Why must it be the most annoying animal? After a few blocks of tuning out the annoying sound, I began to feel like I was being watched. I also realized that the cawing had stopped. I started walking faster down the deserted street, homing someone would come along. I heard the flapping of wings before I whipped around.
    There, standing not ten feet from me, was a sleek black crow. It's feathers had that weirdly blue purple highlights most crows did. I stared into it's eyes, looking far too intelligent for an animal, and deep as the Grand Canyon. They were like obsidian. We locked eyes for a second before it took off. I watched it fly, beckoning me, for a few seconds before following after it.
    I didn't even stop to think before I following it into the forest. In the blackness of the trees, I couldn't find the bird. I was tripping over stones that weren't there, I bumped into trees I couldn't see. "Hello!" I called out. "Can any body hear me!" I thought it was too dark in the confines of these trees for it to still be day time. But it had to be, right?
    Then, just as quickly as the darkness had come on, it was bright again. Surrounding, all around me, were these little balls of white light. They seemed to be holding off the darkness that tried to grasp at me. I giggled at it. They were Black and White. Forever trying to find balance in their oppositeness. It felt as if I were lighter. My head and heart were filled with a strange joy, just staring at the tiny beings who lit up the darkness. I didn't know what they were, but it didn't matter. They protected me, and I was glad for that. I didn't want to be in darkness. It didn't seem I'd get my wish. Once again it was dark, but I soon realized it was because my eyes were closed. When I opened them, I saw the sun, blaring through my open window. I was in my familiar bed, in my familiar pajamas, wearing my familiar skin. I got out of bed and soon decided, after much speculation, that it was all a dream. I'd gotten home, though I didn't remember that part ether, and gone to sleep. I knew what I thought had happened didn't actually happen. It was utterly absurd.
    I got ready for the next day of school and had breakfast with my mom, like I always did. She didn't seem weirded out or anything. She didn't even mention yesterday. Yep, I thought. Definitely a dream.
    After eating, I left my house and was on my way to school. I passed every building, remembering summer on their stoops and buying candy from the owners. Then I came to a building that hadn't been there any other time I'd walked this way.
    Curious, I walked over and opened the door. It creaked slightly, and I winced, hoping no one was inside. Then I peered in hesitantly.
    There was nothing to see. I heard the flapping of wings, and a single black feather floated to the ground.

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