• Chapter One

    Dante rarely left his hiding place, but humans had such fun hang outs. The clubs were always a blast. Drinking and dancing with humans made him feel alive inside. He hated being holed up with only two other people. They were the only ones who understood him but that wasn't the point. He fancied the company of human woman to the company of a half demon and a vampire any time. This particular night he was with a girl around his age. Well...apeared to be around his age. He was 1509 and she was 21. But age didn't make any difference to him. To her he was just a regular 21 year old white male with black hair and pale skin. Maybe it was weird that his eyes were crimson but he could explain that away with his contacts story. They had danced all night together. And they were begining to leave.
    "How are you getting a ride home Sydney?" asked one of her friends.
    "He'll give me a ride O.K.?" She remarked with a bit of sarcasm on the "O.k."
    "Fine, but if he ditches you don't call me." She said as she stormed off.
    Dante didn't think much of it. This is how human woman usualy acted when he took one of their freinds out after the club. He still marveled over her stunning looks. And wow did she have some. Blonde hair with blue eyes. Her skin was also fairley tanned. He lead her out of the club and started down a back alley. He disliked taking a cab or walking on the streats. It had began to rain lazily and so he put a coat over her.
    "So where are you from?" She asked as they walked down the alley way.
    He pondered the question. He definately couldn't tell her he was from Hell, that wouldn't go over well. So he gave her one of his usual answers. "Im from here in New York."
    "Realy? I'm from Cincinnati. I moved here when i was young so i can't realy say i was raised there." She said as she put his arm around her.
    "Well variety is the spice of life." He said grinning.
    "It definately is."
    "Where do you want to go now?" He said as he looked down at her with a questioning expression.
    "I am a bit hungry." She said with a smile on her face. "How about we go to an all night dinner i know around the block?"
    "Sure why not." He said as they picked up the pace to get out of the now down pouring rain.