• Chapter one
    As always, I found myself rushing to wake up and get ready for school. Today was the first day of my last year of high school. I discovered that I had accidently skipped breakfast when I rushed out the front door. “Oh well, Katie’s worshipers will probably bring her something I can talk her into giving to me,” I thought as I ran across the sidewalk.
    I felt my feet hit the pavement hard, but no sound was made. I also ran very quickly, without even trying. I had always been able to do this. I don’t know why, or how, but it got me on the track team. But, I felt my feet slowing. I felt like something was wrong, almost as if there was something there, watching me. I suddenly felt frightened and started to speed right back up.
    I eventually made it to the school. Woodland High, my high school. I saw all the other people walking around the campus. I quickly found the big group of people crowding around someone. “There she is,” I thought. I walked to the crowd and searched for Katie. It didn’t take long to find her; she was right in the middle of the crowd, as always. I shoved through the crowd to get to her. She looked a little different from last year. Her hair was paler, and she seemed somewhat taller. But the thing that wasn’t different was that she was flirting with all the guys.
    I finally got to Katie and asked her how she was. She quickly answered me with a hug. “I’ve been great, how ‘bout you?” She asked.
    “Great. I see you’re still the queen of the school,” I answered her. She replied to my comment with her big smile, or least that was how it seemed. I didn’t understand why she started pointing behind me. So I turned around and felt shocked.
    I looked behind me and there was some sort of foreign looking car pulling into the school parking lot. But what stepped out of it was even more shocking. It was the most handsome looking guy I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He face had perfectly carved features. His hair was black, and straight. But a couple seconds after seeing him, I felt like I had this morning walking to school. There was just something frightening about him. I felt his eyes lock in on mine. I felt a sudden jolt of pain.
    Katie must have known something was wrong with me; it was like she knew that my legs were going to collapse under me. I just felt myself falling, and someone grabbing my shoulders. Then everything went black.
    When I woke up I was in the nurse’s office, lying down. I suddenly heard a voice. “Be grateful to your friend here, if it weren’t for her, you would have hit your head.” I looked over at the nurse, and then at Katie. I tried to sit up, but I could barely move. I felt like a trapped prisoner, with absolutely no way to break free.
    “Thanks Katie. I guess I should have eaten breakfast.”I said with a little laugh. She just continued to sit there, looking concerned. “What’s the matter?”I asked her. She just continued to sit there.
    “She been acting like that ever since she and that one boy brought you here,” Said the nurse. “So, I decided to keep her here too. I guess she is still in shock from you falling or something.” I wanted to ask her what boy, but I decided not to. I finally was able to sit up.
    “Come on Katie, let’s go to class,” I heard the words, but it felt like they weren’t coming from my mouth. But it was my voice. Katie stood up and walked towards the exit. I joined her and yelled thanks to the nurse. Katie was walking very slowly; it was hard for me to not walk quicker than her. She was still quite. “Well, I’ll catch up with you later,” I said to her when I saw my first period.
    I slipped into an empty seat, and thankfully the teacher didn’t notice me. The rest of the day was just a blur. Even lunch was. Usually lunch is my favorite time of the day. The day eventually ended and I walked to the front of the school. I wasn’t planning on staying there, but I did.