• Ella:Hey

    Martin:What do you want?

    Ella:To give you a letter

    Martin:Well...where is it?

    Ella reaches into her binder and pulls out a letter shoves it into Martins hand

    Ella: Here read it when your far away from me

    Martin surprised k...

    Martin goes to class and they get free time but he is curious about the letter so he opens it to read it it says

    Dear Martin,
    I'm sorry for ruining your life. I know that this year I've bothered you or at
    least my friends have. I wish I could start all over back in kindergarten so
    I could never have befriended you so you couldn't have hurt me. I feel
    really stupid writing this but I know you should know my true feelings before
    I try to forget you forever so here it goes. I liked you and I've missed you
    all the time I never saw you or spoke to you though out the last 6-7 years
    now I know I will never forget you but I know I will never be your friend again
    because you seem to hate me.Please forgive me for ever meeting you.


    I miss you and I like you more than I should

    Martins eyes were filled with tears and he quickly asked the teacher if he could go to the bathroom when he got outside he sat down on a bench in a corner and weeped for hurting one of his first friends


    Ella comes out of classroom and goes to find her usual spot for writing poetry at lunch about her true feelings then throwing them out because no one should ever find them....while is walking she hears crying and sees Martin though she swore never to talk to him again she couldn't help walking over and sitting next him

    Ella:Whats wrong?

    Martin:I've done something terrible to a friend I never meant to hurt

    Ella:What did you do wrong (wonders if he know hes talking to me)

    Martin:I lost her and she'll never be my friend again...see (hands Ella the letter to explain not knowing its her)

    Ella:Well thats all depends would you apologize and tell her why you left her alone

    Martin:Yes... Wait how did you O_O (sees its Ella) oh

    Ella:So what were you saying

    Martin:I'm so sorry I never thought it would hurt you so bad please forgive me

    Ella:I forgive you if you do something for me


    When he said that Ella kissed him and he kissed back

    Ella:I've waited years to do that now I have had my happily ever after Thank You

    Martin:N-N-No Problem (stutters over words from shock)