• Chapter 2

    "I..." said Ryoko again.
    "I lo--"
    "What do you guys think your doing outside the class?! Come in!!!"Yelled Yumi-Sensei.
    Ryoko ran inside with Akane and Yuna.
    Kyo walked inside with Takashi and Niko.
    "What did she say?" Asked Niko.
    "She was gonna tell me something untill Yumi-Sensei came out and told us to go inside...and dont act like you werent listening to us by the door."He replied glaring at Niko and Takashi.
    "What did he say?" Asked Akane impatiently.
    "Yea what did he say?!"Said Yuna.
    "I didnt get to tell him.."Said Ryoko sighing with relief.
    "I'll go tell him you wanna meet him over at the Sakura Tree after school..okay?" Said Akane.
    "Yo,Kyo.Ryoko said she wants to meet you after school at the Sakura Tree"Akane said while looking at Takashi and Niko,"But dont bring them."She added.
    "Er...Ok."Said Kyo.
    Takashi and Niko look at Kyo confused.
    Kyo just shrugged.
    "Okay class,time to get ready to leave..gather all your things." Said Yumi-Sensei.
    Kyo picked up his stuff and was starting to walk out the door.
    Ryoko did the same.
    Oh yea..I gotta go meet Ryoko...thought Kyo.
    "Seeya Guys!!" Ryoko said to her friends.
    "Good Luck" whispered Akane in her ear.
    Oh..yea....gotta go to the Sakura Tree...thought Ryoko.
    When Ryoko got to the Sakura Tree Kyo was already there.
    He was leaning on the tree looking up at the sky.
    "Kyo..!!" said Ryoko,happy to see that he was actually there.
    Kyo looked at her and said "Yo,what did you wanna tell me?"
    Ryoko was already standing in front of him and she was nervous as she said,"Well..I-I gotta confess something.."
    Ryoko was twirling a strand of her hair on her finger.
    Kyo looked at her and said "Yeeeea..?"
    "I-I-I" said Ryoko, uncertain if she should really tell him.
    "I l-lo-love you, Kyo!!!" Ryoko yelled with her eyes closed.
    Kyo looked at her in shock,he couldn't move nor could he respond.
    Ryoko opened one of her eyes and saw how Kyo had reacted."I-I'm s-sorry!!" she said while running away.
    "Wait!!" yelled Kyo,still in shock.
    Ryoko was running as fast as she could towards her dorm.
    I shouldn't have told him!!...she thought as she got to her dorm.
    She unlocked the door to her dorm and ran inside. She stopped and tried to catch her breath.
    Kyo was running to her dorm as it started raining....
    To Be Continued~