• Volleyball, the Beach, and Sleep...
    {I made this story because I want to go 2 the beach with my bffs and cant..}

    "Get it!" I yelled as I hit the volleyball up. "Mine!" Jill yelled and spiked it.
    Jill, Edward, Jouvan, Asha, Emmett, and me were at the beach.
    Jill, Ash, and I looking stunning in our bikinis.
    The guys were showing of their muscles.
    Jill`s ball went in2 the ground by at least a half foot.
    "Wooh! Go Jill!" Ash and I yelled in happiness.
    We had just won our little volleyball game against the guys.
    Edward, Jouvan, and Emmett were staring at where the volleyball was stuck in the sand.
    Edward came over and kissed Jill quickly. "Good job" He said 2 her sweetly.
    I was about 2 turn around when Jouvan picked me up. I squeaked in surprise.
    He kissed me 4 a second then set me on his back. I blushed bright red when he set his hands on my legs.
    I turned 2 see what Ash and Emmett were doing and saw that Emmett had his arm around her waist and they were walking away.
    Edward took Jill`s hand into his and went to join Emmett and Ash. Jouvan kept me on his back as we went 2 join them.

    .......................................1 hour later............................................

    Jill was asleep in Edward`s arms, Ash was still energized, and I was still on Jouvan`s back but was barely conscious.
    We walked back to our volleyball and towels. Edward went to the car with Jill so he didn’t wake her up.
    Jouvan, Ash, Emmett, and I picked up our stuff and put in the car trunk.
    On the way home Emmett drove and held Ash`s hand in the front seat. Jill was still in Edward`s arms in the back seat next to Jouvan and I.
    I was in Jouvan`s lap and was about to fall asleep. He leaned down and kissed me once before telling me to go to sleep.
    I smiled and set my head on his chest then quickly fell asleep.

    {I hope u all like it and comment on it.}