• Jerra stood before the Dragon Council with her head held high. She was a Hyroogen dragon which was a dragon with their wings on their forearms and stood on their hind legs which were very muscular. She was black with red eyes. Many people would think that she was pure evil by her color, but she was one of the most pure hearted creatures that inhabited this world.
    The Dragon Council consisted of seven dragons. The first was blue and his name was Roudan. He was the dragon of wisdom. The second was pink and was named after the goddess Herra. She was the dragon of emotion and was Jerra’s sister. The third was green and was named Gorro and was the father of Herra and Jerra. The fourth was a purple dragon named Biba and was the mother of Jerra and Herra. The fifth was a bronze dragon and was named Geedge. He was the dragon of strength. And the final was the biggest of them all. He was gold and was named Rai. He was the leader of the dragon council.
    The dragon council whispered among themselves. Every so often they would shoot glances at Jerra. Jerra didn’t care she’s been an outcast since the day her baby was born. She no longer was in the possession of her baby. She was taken by humans when he was three days old. She missed him so much and every day without her child was like months without food or water. The council finally finished their argument and turned to face Jerra.
    “We have made our decision. Jerra as you clearly know the dark ones are rising from their slumber and their going after the three half breeds.”
    Jerra stared back, “Obviously.”
    The council nodded in unison. “And if the seals are taken from the half breeds then we’re doomed.
    Jerra still stared, “Obviously.”
    The council nodded. “And you are aware that if the dark ones are not in the possession of one of them then they are useless.
    Jerra sighed, “Obviously.”
    Again the council nodded. “Yes, and that is why we are entrusting you with the job with bringing the half breed known as Hugo back to us.”

    Jerra nodded. She was actually happy to be able to fetch Hugo. They instructed that she would be leaving in the morning. She exited the council chamber and walked through the ancient city. As she walked she saw young hatchlings fighting. She stopped in her tacks and slammed her enormous tail between the two.
    “There are other ways to solve your problems than fighting,” she said.
    One hatchling sneered, “We don’t have to listen to an outcast like you. You gave birth to a –.”
    Jerra slammed her tail into the hatchling with enough strength to knock it over.
    “I am twice your size and much stronger than you. Remember that and hold your tongue.”

    The hatchling nodded and they both ran off. Jerra looked high to the sky. She thought this would be the perfect time to fly around to clear her mind. She began to run at high speed on her hind legs and with one massive push of her legs she was airborne and soaring threw the sky. She flew high in the sky through the cloud. Her mind drifted off form time to time, but always came back to the same thought. What if this Hugo boy is my son that I’ve been searching for……… No. It can’t be. My son name was Hawk. This Hugo can’t be my son. She was so distracted by her thoughts that she lost her way. She looked down and gasped.
    She quickly did a barrel roll barely dodging a volley of arrows. She had passed over into human territory. A second volley of arrows came and this time she was prepared. She took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, and then opened her mouth letting a jet of fire escape. The arrows then turned to ash and the remains fell to the ground. The humans dropped their weapons and fled for their lives. She laughed at the humans. What a pathetic race. Humans are such cowards. She looked down and saw man standing. He was dressed in a white robe. He lifted his arm and motioned for her to land.
    She smiled. Have it your way human. She flew towards the ground and landed. The man nodded and began to walk towards her. She roared as a sign to back off, but he paid no attention. She was ready to attack, but before she could the man lifted his arm muttered something and Jerra’s body stiffened up and her head was lowered to the ground. He hopped on and began to speak.
    “Take me to the dragon council.”
    Jerra sneered, “Why should I agree to help a human.”
    The man laughed, “Because I know where your child is.” Jerra fell quiet. “So take me to the council and I will take you to him.”

    Jerra fell quiet. She wanted to find her child more than anything in this world. She reluctantly agreed. The man released his spell and held on tightly to her neck. She began to sprint then like earlier she leaped into the air and with the man they soared through the sky. Jerra looked back and saw that the humans were beginning to come out of their hiding places. She sneered one last time and turned to continue flying