• ‘Phalaynx?’ a soft voice called my name. ‘Ren?’ I felt my body burning. ‘Why..?!’ I asked as Ren grasped a hold of my neck pulling his mouth close. ‘Because Fai you are mine and mine alone.’

    I woke up sweating profusely. I touched my neck suddenly. I could swear I felt small indentions on my neck but when I looked in the mirror my skin was normal and clear of any markings. I sighed. “What kind of vampire has nightmares?” I rolled over on my bed staring at the wall.

    .:..2 weeks earlier..:..

    I was on my way home when I heard rustling behind me. I turned out of curiosity. I knew I should’ve continued on my way home. I, more than anyone, was aware of the things that came out at night. Maybe I never thought that I’d ever catch something out of the ordinary or maybe I just didn’t care what happened to me.

    Either way something came running at me with an extremely powerful force. I landed on the ground almost hitting my head against the side of a tree. Something grabbed my leg. It was screaming. I turned to see the most horrifying face. Its skin was a pale chalky color and its eyes were red. The creature had fangs protruding from its mouth and was edging closer. I tried to move away but I was pinned between the heavy creature and the ground. In a flash, I’m not sure what it was exactly, the creature squealed releasing my leg. I tried running away but I only ended up tripping and landing about 6 feet away. A tall figure approached me as I was lying awkwardly on the ground. He wrapped his arms around me and carried me somewhere. As soon as I was in his arms I fell asleep.

    When I woke up I was in humongous mansion, lying in a big, comfy bed. He was standing by the door watching me. “So you’re awake.” I nodded in response. He moved closer testing if it was safe. I didn’t see any reason why I should feel any resentment for someone who saved my life. He sat on the edge of the bed looking into my eyes. His eyes were golden and his hair was a dark green. I tried not to be drawn in by them but it was impossible. He grasped my chin pulling my face closer. Once my face was In almost direct contact with his I felt myself growing faint. As he moved his lips down t o my next I fell unconscious. Though my body was asleep I could feel his fangs on my throat it almost felt refreshing then my mind went blank. I wouldn’t know what happened until a few days later.


    ‘Ren….’ I sighed…for a moment then glared at the thought of him. Why should I care it’s not like he ever cared for me. “hn! What is wrong with you Fai…he’s just a blood-thirsty monster!”

    ‘ughh why does he worry himself about that insolent brat…’ A girl with dark magenta hair retorted.

    ‘You sound jealous Sephira?’ A nearby vampire replied to her comment.

    ‘As if!…Ren is such a child…playing with peoples emotions because he finds it amusing…I just don’t see why he chose her.’

    ‘heh…are you saying you want him to “play with your emotions” Seph?’

    ‘ugh!!’ She lashed out at him with her mind. “Kiria get a life!!!” Sephira shouted getting up and furiously stomped out of the room.
    “Kiria? Must you always annoy Sephira? You know she’s been through a lot. Give her a break ok?” Another young vampre said. He was about 26 and wore classes over his deep purple eyes. His dark brown hair shined from the light reflected off from his glasses.

    ‘Sorry Reiki…’ Kiria glanced down at the floor not sure what else to say.

    Sephira was heading back to her room when she saw Ren leaving the mansion. ‘Why would he be leaving? He never has any busy outside the mansion…especially at night when all of our kind come here for classes.’ She doubled back and decided to follow him. She turned into a wolf, silently stalking him. He continued walking down the path from the mansion until he reached park area. Sephira could see a girl sitting on the beach there, it seemed she was waiting for him. ‘grr…that’s her…that insolent wench!’ she almost lashed out her mind but quickly concealed her aura so Ren wouldn’t discover she was spying on him. She couldn’t exactly hear wjat they were saying but she was watching intently.

    “Ren…why did you wish to see me?” I asked not enthused one bit.

    “Would you rather me not be here?” he retorted. i sighed. “It’s not that it’s that I don’t wish for you to think I’m attached to you in any way.” He laughed. “ok Fai but what makes you think I’d believe you.” I grinned. “I didn’t think you would so I decided that if you wouldn’t I would simply not help you with what you asked of me. But I’m sure that’s ok because I’m sure there’s others willing to help you. I can sense someone at this moment who would die to “assist” you. He glanced around quickly. All the while making Sephira anxious.

    ‘There’s something strange about that brat. I can’t see into her mind. And it felt as though she was looking straight at me. I should probably head back---’

    Ren quickly sunk his teeth into Fai’s neck causing her to gasp in surprise she closed her eyes as he continued to suck her blood. Sephira was angry. She could no longer control the jealousy filling her aura Ren smirked as soon as she made her move. She jumped out in her wolf from to strike Fai. As soon as she did Ren stood carrying Fai swiftly out of the way. Sephira regained her vampire form slightly kneeling. “I apologize Ren-sama! I let my anger get the best of me. Please don’t be angry with me.” She sounded sincere but still flashed Phalaynx a short glare.