• Blood eye chapter 1= the beginning

    September 18, 1986

    I was watching her with intense probing eyes; I could hear my heart beating in my chest. My hands were breaking into a cold sweat, I don’t know why I am prone to danger but this was different, she was different in a hard way to describe.
    She was sitting in a casual position with her hands in her lap with an emotionless expression on her face, I watched with anxious eyes for she was on a bench across the street from me. She was always there at the end of the day; she was even more beautiful in the twilight.
    I was behind a faded white picket fence watching her…. a Waiting her victims. I was curious about her way of life. I felt like I was in a fairy tale or in a horror movie, though I’ve only seen her three times, and I was frighten the first time I saw her.

    Then SHE came; my eyes widen in panic, for my sister was walking towards a trap, what was she doing out so late? I needed to do something. There was no longer time to make a plan to help her without any of us getting hurt, I had no time left; I jumped the fence, racing across the road as fast as I could.
    My sister jumped when I came up on her “who-who are you?” she asked in a small frightened voice not recognizing me, I pushed her down into the bushes “stay there” I said in a whisper in a low voice she hopefully couldn’t recognized.
    She was whimpering in the bushes as I left.
    I turned slowly toward the bench. The girl was a few inches away from me now; she was stunningly beautiful up close, her onyx colored eyes were like a black hole sucking me in, her hair was new moon black, in the moon light though it looked blue.
    She wore a buttoned up jacket that was crimson, and she had worn-out blue jeans on. And was Sizing her up; she was a couple inches shorter then me; she was so beautiful that it came out of my mouth unwillingly, “your beautiful.” She sprang out at me before I could finish what I said.
    I must have startled her because she had an anguished look on her face.
    I don’t know what happened next; it was a blur, before I knew it, I was out cold.
    * * *
    I woke up with blinding pain all through out my body. I was Feeling dizzy and lightheaded and could feel my head throbbing.
    Why am I still alive? She never lets her victims live….
    There was a lot of pain through out my body, which made it unbearable to move. I struggled to tilted my head backwards to see if my sister was still in the bushes; no one was there.
    She must have left while I was knocked out. I thought.
    I scooted my hand up my body painfully to look at my watch to see what it time was. It said four o’clock in the morning; I’d been out for six hours. I inched my way over to the bench and barely got myself up on to it and laid there.
    While I was trying to regain my energy, a cold breeze hit my face. It felt so refreshing. There were light clouds in the sky tonight; they made different familiar shapes in the sky; birds, ducks and some symbols from a show on TV I watched as a kid.
    It was a silent night. Everyone in town is most likely asleep; the houses them selves looked asleep. It was a full moon that night. During those nights I feel full of life and strength; it sometimes frightens me for some reason.
    Well I was feeling a bit better now, so I tried to get up, it was hard.
    I hope I don’t fall. I hoped
    So I stumbled like a drunk back home.

    Outside my house… it was a two-story house and it looked haunted. It was a faded brown color and looked more modern inside though. It’s kind of funny too, during Halloween tricker treaters get scared of the house, which makes it so I never have to get candy.
    Maybe it is because it was the old mayors home 70 years ago.
    The pain in my body never got much better it felt even worse, like I was burning in a pot of boiling grease. Then I thought maybe the girl in the jacket got my sister which helped me gain enough energy to run.
    I ran as fast as the pain would let me toward the house, I slammed the door open. Someone in the house jumped from the couch and screamed “ZACK!!” it was my sister, she was crying uncontrollably “its ok Ellie it’s me,” I said in a calm voice.
    Ellie was my long curly burgundy blond haired, pudgy faced, and short older sister
    “Are you okay did someone do something to you!” she rushed over and hugged me. “I got pushed into a bush by someone I was so sc-scared!” she cried. she then started shivering uncontrollably “Z-Zack yo-you’re so c-c-cold are y-you o-okay?” she let go of me and backed away being a little clumsy and fell backwards onto the couch.
    I don’t feel cold at all? But…. My neck feels numb? I wondered
    I lifted my left hand to the numb spot and felt crusty flakes… it was dry blood. I was a thin, seventeen year old teenager with light brown hair that was over my face, a cowlick making an upside down wave above my forehead, and grayish blue eyes. I stiffened in shock.
    I don’t know why I’m still alive. I thought
    This must be the beginning… Ellie looked at me with a glare “you look tired, you should go to bed…. YOU know school is tomorrow right?” I sighed as she started ranting on about my responsibilities and how if I don’t get an education ill be at the bottom of the barrel of poor people, which was a lame analogy that I mistakenly laughed at causing her again to complain.
    I was struggling to stand. “ I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” I slip off to my room before she could say anything else. As I got to my room, the pain surged through my whole being; I tumbled onto the bed.
    Everything turned black and before I lost consciousness I heard the words. “Bey lo oed…”