• Yuki huddled under her covers, unable to sleep. Her room mate was sick and had been taken to the nurses office who took her to the hospital. Yuki was sad she was sick, yet at the same time felt a little happy she was gone, mainly because she would not have liked it if she had woken her room mate up. Soon after turning over in her bed for the hundredth time, Yuki threw the covers off and got up. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Maybe I should go for a walk around the school. Maybe that will help me calm down. Yuki searched her draws and found a old pair of jeans and a black long-sleeve. Slowly she placed them on and headed outside.

    The leaves on the trees looked like flames, with the colors of orange, yellow, and red. And when the wind blew upon the trees, the small flames jumped and danced. The Night Class students had all gone to a huge important meeting, so no need for the Perfects to work that night. Yuki had already made it to the barn and was heading back when something caught her eye. Off in the distant, a figure rested on a tree branch. The closer and closer Yuki got to the figure, the more clearer it became. Zero. Why is Zero out here sleeping in a tree?

    Knowing she couldn’t help but give in to the curiosity inside of her, Yuki slowly walked up to the tree. She would have thought Zero would have already awoken up by now, but he was still asleep. Zero was passed out, so he was in a deep sleep now. For days he had trouble sleeping, so tonight was a relief to him. Yuki thought about calling to Zero, but then had a better idea. I think I should try to scare Zero. If I can climb this tree and get to where Zero is, then I can scare him. Slowly she walked around the tree until she saw how he got up there. With all her might, Yuki slowly climbed until she was just a few feet from Zero. Then without thinking, Yuki leapt towards Zero and landed on his lap. Zero’s eyes snapped open instantly. Yuki was about to laugh at Zero’s expression when all of a sudden they both heard a loud snap. The branch couldn’t hold both of Zero’s and Yuki’s weight, so it gave out on them. Zero grabbed Yuki and pulled her close to him and turned so when they would land, he would take the most damage. Their bodies landed in a bush nearby, but not without a shocker.

    When they landed, their lips met and their eyes flew open. Zero’s mind was flooded with thoughts and feelings. What just happened? Why am I kissing Yuki…Oh crap! I’m kissing Yuki! I know this is wrong but it feels so right…Yuki probably hates me now…wait, she’s…Yuki’s kissing me harder. Zero stared at Yuki as she closed her eyes and began to kiss him harder. At first Yuki thought Zero hated her, then she felt him respond. Slowly they circled their arms around each other. After awhile, they broke apart for air.

    “Yuki, why did you kiss me? And why are you all the way out here?” Yuki could only smile as she realized something. Something she had known yet at the same time forgotten. She loved Zero.

    “I was having trouble sleeping and went for a walk. But then I saw you and wanted to surprise you, but my plan back fired. And when our lips met, my feeling for you rushed forward. Zero…I love you.” Zero couldn’t believe his ears. The girl who he had had a crush on forever just said the magical words to open his heart. Zero smiled in joy and kissed Yuki again. Zero broke the kiss and whispered into Yuki’s ear.

    “Yuki…I love you too.” And with that the new couple slept peacefully in each others arms.