• I could hear her heat beating but I could only remember the last cruel thing I did before I was sent into this death city. Me and my band went to the interview and all the only thing talked about was the girl. She had gone missing in Canada and it has spread into America because of this one kid had seen the girl *fade away*. Now every one was talking about her. It was so annoying. My guess about her is that she was dead. After the band had gone I ran up to the picture and yelled at it " I bet you are dead and you friend is a freak!" Then all of a sudden I felt light headed I looked down at my shoes to see they were fading away. I look at my hands to see they were fading away as well. I looked at the poster and hear a girl scream. I fainted .I awoke in some one's living room to see pictures of the girl and another guy in about his twenty s ( like me) . I got up to see more. There was one of lying on the ground bleeding. Her neck was twisted and there was a blue glow on the palms of her hand. I almost cried at this and said aloud "Se is dead" Then I went to open the window but it seemed like my hand turned into a fist. It stayed in this way until I let go of the curtain and then felt something push my head down to the hard cold ground of the kitchen.
    I shook him because he saw staring at me with cloudy eyes and not responding me. He shook and then his eyes started to tear. I moved him into his bed and then he closed his eyes and started to shake. I wanted to cry because his actions were now scaring me horribly.I lean ed over and cried over his moving, but unconscious body. He had just started this right when the sun went down. Then I saw his eyes snap open and he saw my tears falling and he touch my check and whispered I'm sorry. I looked at him and saw that he was almost even more scared than me. I knew some thoughts could do weird things in this world so I just said "Don't be you are my hero."He started bawling his eyes out saying " I just ignored you when every one else cared you were a missing child! But I was so heartless. Now you trust me and I didn't even want to talk about like a week ago!" I wanted to cry thinking that he never cared , but he was just over acting, or so I thought. I remember how he had acted for the first day I saw him, He had this scary face like he had just seen the dead every time he woke up. I guess he had not believed what my friend had said back home. Who would? I know I didn't, but hey I am here right?
    She looked at me like she didn't care but in her eyes I could see she was hurt but didn't show it. I guess she had learned to hide her feelings when she was hurt. I smiled at her and said gently " but now I regret it." She tried to smile and hide her tears by laughing. I knew she was now the only thing important in my life and a small feeling made me say that she was the only thing that made me breath every day. But every time she laughed, smiled or hugging me I thought about what i did and it now every night I would dream about it and something new and terrible would appear, like the picture of her twisted body. that wasn't all , I felt sad for her. She had gone through more than i had in my life every week. She had to live in this city for about a year before I came along. Sometimes I saw her looking out the window shivering looking at the city of doom. She hid so much I just thought, like her past , but by the way she showed it, You would think she lived in Hell.