• ..::Sinking Heart::..

    CHAPTER I | Late


    "Now...if you wanna go on the ship you gotta pay for it" A man said.

    "21?" A boy asked.

    "Set" The man answered.

    As the man gave the boy two cards he looked at the one facing down and smirked.Then looked at his friend behind him.

    "Miroku, your not gonna be beaten up," The boy started.

    "What do you mean Inuyasha?"Miroku asked.(He's not the man that Inu's playing with)

    "Because..."Inuyasha started"I've got 21!"

    The man slamed his cards down and gave Inuyasha the two tickets to the TITANIC.Then a loud whistle blew.

    "Come on Miroku!Were gonna be late!"Inuyasha dragged his companion to the ship.


    A young girl looked up the ship.Then 2 more girls came by her side.

    "The biggest ship ever made" The girl with the pony tail mummered.

    "Best thing we get first-class!"The girl with the two pony-tails said.

    "Worst thing is were being dragged" Thought the girl with her hair down.

    (Hehe...kinda same from the 90's movie of TITANIC)

    "Cheer up Kags,"The girl with the pony tail said.

    "Yeah Sango is right!"The other girl told her told her.

    "But Ayame...!Sango!!"Kagome turned to them.

    "Your comming weather you like it or not!"They pushed her.


    "Were here!"Inuyasha said.

    "Finally not late for something!"Miroku added.

    As they walked through the ship hey searcher for their rooms.

    "198,199,200!"Inuysha mummered opened the door and layed down on the soft bed.

    "Okay Inuyasha I'll be in front of you"Miroku said to him.

    "Yeah yeah yeah!"Inuyasha mumbled as he went out and to the deck.



    As Kagome rested on the soft,fluffy,bed she took out her book, Twilight.



    When Kagome got outta her room, she tripped then...