• Chapter 16 No Promises:

    Amy looked up at Arc “What do you mean what am I doing here? I wanted to see you… and Steven.” Steven was jogging up “Oh, thanks.” Bravo Smirked “So, I see you handled Shonic and Order pretty well.” Order walked up with Shonic close behind “We got careless that’s all.” Steven smirked and shook his head “Bravo you do know how to pick your buddies don’t you? If they fail they make up excuses.” Bravo stepped back “Hey, I didn’t pick them!” he said as he started to walk around. Shonic looked at Bravo “Oh, thanks a lot.” Steven started laughing. Bravo walked up to Steven “Hey, what if they did just mess up, huh?” Steven smirked “Then they could beat me now.” He dashed around the three of them. Shonic stared at him “Sounds like a challenge!” Both Order and Shonic took after Steven. Bravo followed “Hey, wait! I wanna see this one!”

    Arc was starring at Amy “Now that they’re gone…” he said while lowering his head slightly to even it with Amy’s “How are you feeling?” Amy turned her head slightly away to try and hide her blushing “A little tired…” she was still blushing. Arc gave a worried look “Maybe you should rest.” Amy looked up slightly “What about Steven and them?” Arc looked back “They’ll be fine.” He smiled as he turned back to her. She looked at him still blushing “Yeah, but where?” Arc gave a bigger smile to her “Hospital?” Amy gave him an irritated look “I don’t need that.” Arc laughed slightly “Fine, how about my house?” Amy looked at him “What about your parents? Won’t they be a little worried that you’re back from the dead?” Arc looked down and away “No… They died in car accident… I’ve had a job to support the house since then… it should still be mine…” Amy looked at him with a look of sympathy “Oh, I am so sorry…” Arc looked at her “It’s ok…” They started to walk to Arc’s house.

    Steven caught Order’s swipe and threw him into Shonic “How about that?” Order got up “You got lucky!” He continued his attack, but Bravo jumped in with a kick that he barely dodged “Bravo, what are you doing?” Bravo smirked “Two against one? That’s not fair… plus I wanna fight too!” He said that as he dodged Shonic’s tackle. Steven smiled “If you didn’t notice I was winning.” Steven dodged Order and got hit by Shonic. Bravo grabbed Shonic’s shoulder and spun him around a bit then threw him “I can see that” he said in a cocky manner. Steven smiled as Order struck Bravo in the chest with a punch “Because you’re doing so much better Bravo.” He also said in a cocky manner. Bravo recovered “Hey, Steven… Shut Up!” he shouted as he threw Order into Shonic. Steven raised his left eyebrow “Nice throw.” He said while signaling for the match to end. “Hey, anyone see where the love birds went?” Bravo asked while looking around. Steven looked at Bravo “I think I heard them say something about Arc’s house.” Bravo helped Order and Shonic up “Well then, I guess you can stay with us tonight.” Steven laughed “Cool, as long as I don’t get jumped in my sleep.” Shonic smiled “No promises.”