• Take him away! "Sir, it's to...." TAKE HIM!!!!"
    Chapter 1:The new beggining, memories and future.

    Huh? Said the boy named Seth had no idea where he was."This isn't where Iknow I had a life. Where's Tristan? I'll take a look around outside." It was a clear, beautiful,sunny dday, kids were playing,laughing,and having the moments of there life."Nothing here I know of, Iwonder how I got here?" He looked strait ahead and saw a stone, a sstone of beauteness and life."Whoah, I've seen that stone somewhere before.Where,where did I see it?" Then random flashes of energy burst through him."What the??" Then it went black... It was a memorier that Seth was trapped in."Joy, No!please don't die on me...please..." "You fool! Joy's dead, and you can't help it now!Heh heh!"Son of... I'm not letting you get away with this!" Whah, what happend?"
    Chapter 2:Joy

    That was kinda..." EEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confused as Seth was, he looked down the ally,"Help me,please!!!" Thinking of what was going on,Seth saw a figure move out behind the girl."Duck fast!"As the girl fell over and hit her face on the ground,the beast pounced.The beast dove towards Seth and flew right through his body. "UGH..AGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Later that day, the girl took Seth to her house."What,happened?" "Your awake!! I haven't seen you around this town before?" "Wait,wah?" "Sorry, i didn;t give you my name, it's Joy." "Joy?" Seth was thinking of that memorie he have had. "My names Seth! Nice to meet you!Where are we?" "Barkstown.You didn't know that?" "For some odd reason, She seems cute" Seth accidently said while trying to think it. Then Joy's Face turned red and Said"Thats alright.Get some rest!"