• The 5th birthday.

    I awake to a hit in the ribs from a staff. i was use to being hit and beat around as i slowly woke up i saw my father dressed confused i looked at the clock to see it was only 4 o clock normally he dose not wake me up this early "GET UP BOY" he yelled at me rising the staff in the air ready to hit me again if i didn't do what he wanted "yes father"i started "why are you waking me up so much earlier today then normal" just as i finished my two brothers came in glaring at me. my brothers were allways mean to me for what seemed to be no reason my oldest Brett was the meanest and what some people might say as a good looker. Jessie spent most of his time in the garage working on cars pipe bombs and stuff like that neither one of them looked anything like me, "JOSH GET UP AND GET DRESSED" Brett said with a look in his eye as if he were willing to beat me to death. I hurry to get dressed throwing on my saggy pants and paper thin shirt. well i was getting dressed i made sure to smell the air to see if there was food anywhere at this time i haven't eaten for nearly 2 days when something came across my nose my brother Jessie had a doughnut. me and him every now and then got along when no one was looking he would sneak me food and even play a game with me if the others were gone for awhile " I'll watch him well he gets ready" he said as they steped out. after a moment her looked out the door to make sure they were gone then handed me the dough nut and whispered a happy birthday. after getting dressed i wolfed down the doughnut knowing very well what would happen if i was cought. Once i was ready i walked out into the front room were there were a group of people standing around talking i tried to listen in to see if they were talking about me. one word keep coming to my ear training my father some how walked up behind me and hit me in the head. i stumbled a few steps trying to keep my balance with no success i feel. i looked up to see every one looking at me. "This is the boy i was telling you guys about" my father started "i want you to spend more time training him then any of the others give him no slack and make sure he dose not fight the others i wont have spilled blood" shortly after he finished a bigger man from the group stepped forward "And you think this runt could spill my students blood?!?!?" he said with a enraged look upon his face trying to stare down my father. I lied on the floor watching and feeling the tenchtion building in the air "Ron" my father said calmly as tho nothing has ever happened "If i can spill your blood what makes you think my and hers son cant do the same to your students" The man quickly stepped back into the group of people as my father joined them. my brothers picked me up and carried me to a truck that was parked outside. "Hey Jessie on 3?" my brother said to the other I looked at both of them not sure what is going to happen "SURE" he replied as he started to swing me from side to side "3 ! 2! 1!!!!" he shouted as they released me from there grip and let me fly into the back of the truck "Now dont get out of there unless we come out and tell you to" they said almost as if they were twins. I looked up at the clouds it was raining it felt good. I looked down at the road i could run they would never catch me i thought to my self as i slowly inched to the side of the truck planing to jump and run. right when i thought i was home free a strange man stepped in front of me and looked right into my eyes. "welcome to hell" the man said as he punched me back into the truck bed then hoped in and drove off. i looked back at my "home" If this place im heading is worse then there i dont know if il be able to make it. when we got to the first stop light i looked up and saw a raven i have always thought these animals were special in a very intersting way. i know of now bride like them. i started to sit up in the back of the truck then the man slamed on the gas and i fell on my face. after that i decided to stay down untill we stoped. a few houres past i was curled up into a ball for warmth when we pulled into a forest. "Were almost there" the man said looking in the back of the truck as it slowed down to navigate the wooded tarane. Decideing it was slow enough to sit up i begin to look around remibering as much as i could trying to not look suspics when something cought my eye........i looked at it for a long time a childs body was being eaten by wolfs..... there was not escapeing this place what ever it was. a few minuets latter we came into sight a large area with great big wooden gates sharpened at the tips people were standing at the top from inside i hear "FRESH BLOOD OPEN THE GATES" i was scared it was dark i was in a new place and every one was looking at me partly with fear but even more with looks of the demon i knew that i was starting a new chapter in my life i just didnt know what would be comeing my way what ever it was i made a promise to my self right then and there im either going to get out of here the way they want me to are im going to get out of here in the dead of night when no one can see my escape i quickly looked around to learn more about my area as the men took me out of the truck leading me to a tent. "GET IN THERE BLOOD BAG" the man said throwing me into the tent. very quickly i was surrounded by boys about 8 they all were yelling at me but i didnt hear them there were to many voices i didnt know what i did wrong i just curled up into a ball wishing it was all just a dream. i still to this day wish that day was just a bad dream. "SHUT UP" one of them yelled as the others grinded to a hault "what are you doing here" he said walking towards me with a knife in hand "I-I umm was T-told to be here" I said backing into a corner "O-O-O-O o shut up" he said mocking me walking towards me with the knife "I-I-I dont want to fight Y-Y-You" i said readying my self to fight back. he stoped in his tracks and looked at me like i was crazy" are you kidding? do you know who i am?" he asked as he started to come towards me agian. i shaked my head side to side to scared to talk "I'm the slasher" he said lifting his knife getting ready to cut me.I hooked my foot behinde his knee cap and pulled as i pushed my self up and hit him in the nose standing to the ready to fight any others who might come my way. they all quickly took a step back as there leader fell to the ground. "STOP" a man yelled as he came in " no point in spilling blood yet guys" he said looking down at me and winking " This is Josh the son of johnny the needle point killer" they all looked at me with fear as there leader was still on the floor "Well Josh you better come with me your choices of titles have been sent by your father" he said walking out of the tent soon after the kids helped there leader up who gave me a glare. I then quickly followed him now haveing more time to look around and see whats going on i noticed alot of kids running around climbing walls doing push ups etc. he stoped right in front of me and i ran into him he truned to me and kneeled down "hey man a bit of advice keep to your self here as much as you can alright?" he said looking at me as we stood right outside of another tent. i nodded up and down "good my name is Bill il make sure you get taken care of you here in Kill arena now lets pick your title" he said walking into the tent and i followed i felt as tho i could trust bill he seemed to want to help me out. when we go into the tent i saw a man with a peace of paper "ok son you have four choices he said reading the paper Thor odin loki or horseman of death" i sat there not sure if i was supose to answer with a right answer or not "l-l-l loki" i said looking around as bill grabed me and took me outside " i would sleep out here it will be safer" he said as he walked away. i layed down and began to think about every that has happend to me that day so many things in such a time was it all a dream or was it really happening

    End of Chapter 1