• “It was all coming together for me, Yoko Lunar had finally come under my control, Solar and I had lost the desire to kill each other, and Jinx and I were finally able to be together. There was, however, a certain complication…”

    “They’ve located the b*****d in the northern wastes, I’m going to finish this once and for all.” Lunar stood at the window of his newly bought villa, staring into the cloudy sky. He tightened his belt and hoisted his sword onto his back. His new blade was a gift from Yoko Lunar, a gift for taming him. Along with the blade, his appearance had changed as well. He had a more muscular structure, he had a light five-o’clock shadow on his face, he was taller, had a light scar over his right eye, and the final appearance to happen was a streak of hair on his head had turned jet black. Jinx looked up at him and stood up and wrapped her arms around him tightly. “I …I don’t want you to go…” Lunar looked back at her, his eyes widened. “Jinx, what do you mean?” She gripped tighter and buried her face into his back. “Lunar, we both know your incredibly powerful,” She chuckled, “My hips still hurt from last night speaking of…” Her smile faded, “He is a god, not even you can beat him…” Lunar turned and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Jinx, whether or not I can beat him is not the point, I have to try…After the things he’s done to you…I swore he would pay…” He hugged Jinx tightly, then let go and walked out the door.

    He walked silently down the dirt road that led through the field. He had thought a lot about what could happen in his final battle with Jea-sun-luc, The god of Chaos and Destruction. The battle had began with an event that took place years before Lunar told Jinx that he loved her: Jinx had a different group of friends, she was a different person. She and a young, rather ugly foxy demon Genna, were both raped by Jea-sun-luc, although…he is not sure about whether or not Genna liked it. Lunar had seen the whole thing take place before his eyes, and it had burned in the back of his mind ever since. Every time he saw it in his mind, he would become insane with rage, and kill anything dumb enough to cross him. He began to growl in a low tone as black fur began to grow from his arms. He eyes burned bright red and his face became wolf-like. “You…I swear on my mother’s and father’s graves…and Jinx’s honor…I will…SEE YOU DEAD!!” The intensity of his roar sent out a massive shock wave, destroying everything around him. He fell to his knees and breathed heavily. “I promise you Jinx…I will kill him…” He ran off into the distance as fast as he could.

    Jinx stood at the window of the villa and stared into the evening sky. It had been a whole day since Lunar left, and she had been feeling a bit queasy. Solar had lived on another floor of the villa, and he had been grateful to Lunar and Jinx since they let him stay there. “Jinx? Are you ok?” She turned and saw Solar walk in slowly. “Yes Solar, I am fine. I’m a bit uneasy though…” She rubbed her hand over her stomach slowly.

    Lunar continued running until he worked off the energy he had. He put his hands on his knees and bent over exhausted. “God damnit…I’m still not much closer to the wastes…” He continued to run as long as he could…which was not long. Lunar fell face first onto the ground and started to sleep peacefully.
    He awoke the next morning in a small wooden shack. The smell of rabbit stew filled the air. He sat up and walked outside. He saw a small old woman stirring herbs into a yellowish soup, she hunched over as if in pain. “Hey lady? You ok?” She turned and looked at him. “I’m fine, just a bit of the scoliosis. Nothing to concern yourself wi--” She fell forward and almost hit the pot. Lunar shot forward and caught her just before she hit. “Why…thank you young lad, I could have been scalded if you didn’t catch me.” Lunar set her down and she straightened her self. “As thanks, I shall tell your fortune for you.” Lunar blinked twice. “My…my fortune? Your kidding right?” The old woman laughed and looked at Lunar with a smile. “I have no name, but travelers call me Giselle.” She held her hand out to him. “And I am called Lunar.” He took her hand, and both of their eyes began to glow white. The old woman’s head jerked back and she yelled loudly. Images of past, present, and future flashed in her mind. She let go and jolted back, both of them breathing heavily. “Damn lady! What the hell was that?” She looked at Lunar horrified. “You…I sense a most terrible future for you. A great battle will take place, and it will not only change our world, but very well alter the laws of reality.” Lunar looked at the lady in disbelief. “You are so full of it lady. Thanks for the rescue, but this is too weird.” He shoots off into the distance.

    Lunar came to a stop when he approached the gate to The Valley of Chaos. “So this is where he makes his home…not exactly a nice neighborhood.” He walked in and scanned the area. He was surprised at the landscape. Glowing green rocks, lighting struck every few seconds, and small chaos demons crowding around him. “What’re you little ******** looking at?” “They are looking…at me.” Lunar recognized the familiar, arrogant voice. He looked and saw Jea-Sun-Luc slowly lowering from the sky. “They are my minions, they watch my land for my enemies. They, admittedly, are quiet stupid…but they do good work.” Lunar growled loudly and drew his sword, it blazed to its released state. “Jea…My blade and I have so long wanted to spill your blood…” His sword glew bright purple. “Now Scream…Akukagura!!” He slashed the blade and a massive wave of energy compressed into the form of a sound wave shot forward. Jea-Sun-Luc smiled and deflected the wave with a swipe of his hand. The mountain in the background suddenly exploded. “Lunar, when are you going to learn…” He deployed his wrist blades and shot forward. “That’s the thing…I’m too determined to learn!” He shot forward and readied his blade. When their weapons clashed, a white light filled the area.

    Jinx sat on the window sill, watching the clouds go by. They made all sorts of shapes. She lurched forward suddenly, holding her stomach in pain. Solar ran in and grabbed her before she hit the floor. He called out to her, but she passed out, unable to respond. She awoke several hours later in a daze. She looked over and saw Solar talking to a doctor. She could only make out bits and pieces of their conversation. “Are you sure?” Yes…she…pregnant…the father?” Her eyes widened and she sat up slowly. Solar and the doctor looked at her and ran to her side. “Jinx! Are you alright?” “Yes Solar…Doctor? What do you mean ‘Pregnant’?” The doctor and Solar looked at each other, unsure what to say.

    Jea-Sun-Luc and Lunar clashed blades with tremendous speed and power, sparks flying in every direction. Lunar’s eyes glew bright crimson red. Jea-Sun-Luc kept a care-free expression on his face, until Lunar sliced him across the mouth. Jea backed away and held his hand to his mouth. He pulled away, and gasped at the sight of his black blood. “Well Lunar…you have more power after all…the power to harm a god.” He stared at Lunar with intensity. While Lunar, grinned as he transformed into the fearsome Yoko Lunar. “That’s right Jea, Gods can harm other gods, and while Yoko’s power is diluted in my body, I still carry the mark of a god!” He rose his head and roared loudly, sending out shock waves of energy in every direction. He held his sword tighter and it mutated in his hand into a more devilish form. He grinned and shot forward, he swept his blade down, but Jea still blocked with ease. Lunar continually slashed and hacked away at Jea’s blades, increasing the concentration of spiritual pressure in his sword. Jea’s blades began to crack and break apart. Jea jolted back and examined his blades. He looked shocked when he saw the damage done. “My my Lunar…I didn’t think you were this powerful. Breaking a weapon forged by the Gods…impressive.” Yoko Growled loudly, “You’ll have to forgive me, but that isn’t much coming from the b*****d King himself.” Jea laughed uproariously and sighed. “Lunar, I try to compliment you and you call me a b*****d? I’m so insulted.” He conjured up a broad sword and shot down with it, making a massive explosion on impact with Lunar.

    Lunar and Jea-Sun-Luc fought for several days, neither of them giving an inch. They broke off their fight and both breathed heavily. Lunar bled from a cut above his left eye, Jea held his hand tightly over a stab on his shoulder. “I must admit Lunar…your doing far better than expected…” Lunar breathed heavily and snarled loudly. “I didn’t even think I was capable of lasting this long.” Lunar roared and shot Jea back, then he fell to one knee, holding his side in pain. I didn’t think it would hurt this much…I may have no choice… He stood up and grabbed a small necklace from around his neck. He yanked it off and popped the cork out. Jea-Sun-Luc smelled the air and smiled. “Ahh…the smell of Jinx’s blood, there is no sweeter smell.” Lunar growled and held the vial to his mouth. He began to pour as he remembered Jinx’s words, he faded into a conversation the two of them had in a field of flowers. “Love? What are you talking about?” “Maybe it isn’t hate that powers you…maybe…Love, powers the beast of destruction…” “I don’t know…” “You said you must always feast on the blood of someone who fears you, but if you fed on the blood of someone who loves you, you could become more powerful.” Lunar gulped it all down and crushed the vial in his hands. “Thank you my love…You have given me so much…” He suddenly roared loudly and shot up into the air. He screamed loudly in pain then landed on a rock pedestal. He lurched forward onto one knee and held his sides tightly. He returned to his normal form, but his skin was dead gray, his hair was deep black, his eyes were pure white and surrounded by think black marks, his shirt tore away and his chest and back were covered in strange black symbols. Jea-Sun-Luc’s eyes widened when he watched this, he was speechless. Lunar rose his head and stood up. He cracked his neck and looked up. He spoke in a deep voice, “Yoko Lunar…The Perfect Possession…”

    The ground began to shake intensely with the rapid increase of Lunar’s power. He suddenly jerked his head down and shot forward, kneeing Jea in the stomach hard. Jea puked up blood and hit the Cliffside hard. Lunar held his sword tightly and jumped high into the air, looking aloof, he slices and sends out and unbelievable sound wave, destroying the area around Jea-Sun-Luc. Lunar lands and shoots into the dust, searching for Jea. Jea stands up shakily and blocks Lunar’s incoming slash. Lunar continued to slash repeatedly and unrelentingly. In one fell swoop, he shattered Jea’s blade, and slashed deeply into his chest. Jea fell back as the blood sprayed all over Lunar, Lunar lunged the blade in deeper as the blade moved down his body. Lunar’s eyes narrowed and he jumped back from Jea. Jea scowled and stood back up, he suddenly disappears. Lunar’s eyes widen and he looks around for Jea. Jea appears suddenly above Lunar and kicks him really in the back of his head. Lunar growled loudly and punched Jea in the mouth just as hard. Lunar’s eyes widened suddenly and rose his head grinning. He held his sword up and slashed the air in front of Jea, creating a point-blank explosion of sound. Both Lunar and Jea were shot back, both bleeding intensely. Lunar grinned big and began to laugh really loudly and uproariously. Jea-Sun-Luc stood up and looked at him, feeling the shocks from Lunar’s laugh. “How can he be this strong…?” Lunar looked at Jea and spoke. “Its love Jea, it’s Jinx’s love that makes me so strong. A power, you could never understand.” Jea growled and slashed his blades at Lunar angrily. Lunar leaned back and to the sides to dodge, then lunging forward and punching Jea hard in the nose. Jea jumped back and held his nose tightly. Lunar prepared to attack, but he stopped and noticed the stab wounds on his shoulders and stomach. “They wont heal…why?” Jea smiled and laughed a bit, “It’s the magic of my blades, they poison your very genes with Chaos Magic, your cells can’t regenerate as long as you fight me.” Jea then held up his fingers, and snapped.

    Lunar suddenly feel forward and roared loudly in pain, all of the wounds suddenly erupting with blood. Lunar winced in pain and his breathed became labored. He could feel his power slowly fading out of his body. “Why is this happening? What did I do wrong? Am I…destined to die here?” A bright light suddenly appeared in front of him. Out of the light stepped Ookami no Raiku, his father. Another image stood beside his, Kashia, his mother. His father spoke first. “LUNAR!! Don’t disgrace the family like this! If your gonna die, have the power to take your enemy with you!” Then his mother began to talk, she spoke in a kind and gentle voice. “Lunar…you mustn’t let it end like this, you have Jinx and a child to think of…” Lunar’s eyes widened and he looked at his mother. “A…a child?” His mother smiled and nodded, as did his father. Lunar stood up shakily and wiped the blood from his mouth. “I’ve been left with no other choice…” His father got a saddened look and looked into Lunar’s eyes. “Use my technique, it is the only thing that can stop Jea-Sun-Luc.” Lunar grabbed his sword and readied his stance, his parents vanished. “Get ready…Jea…” He lifted his head, his eyes glowed bright red. “I’m about to end this battle!”

    At the mansion, Jinx and Solar looked in the direction of the immense spiritual power. Jinx put her hands over her stomach and looked worried. “Can you feel it Solar? It feels like Lunar is gathering power for a devastating attack…” Solar thought for a moment, then his eyes widened and he gasped. “No, he can’t do that, if uses that attack, he will die.” Jinx’s eyes widened and she looked at Solar. “What attack?”
    “Dead Reckoning…” Lunar held his sword above his head and began to swirl it slowly. A massive amount of demonic power began to pour out of Lunar and swirl around the blade. It resembled a small cyclone. Jea smiled. “You can’t be serious Lunar, if you use that attack in your current state, you’ll die no questions asked.” Lunar closed his eyes and sped up the blades rotation. “I don’t care…I’ll do anything I can to defeat you…” Jea-Sun-Luc’s smile faded and an angry scowl ripped across his face. “I wont let you kill me Lunar, when I emerge completely unharmed, I’m going to keep you alive. I will kill your brother in front of you, kill your child, and then rape Jinx in front of your eyes, I will make you suffer.” Lunar closed his eyes and tuned him out. Jea yelled loudly and charged forward, his blade ready.

    Jinx and Solar, at the window sill. Jea-Sun-Luc, charging toward Lunar. Lunar, Readying the ultimate attack. A tear dropped from Jinx’s eye, Jea’s eyes turned pure blue, and Solar gripped his fists. With all of their strength, Solar and Jinx cried out for him. “LUNAR!!” Jea cried out just before he hit him, “LUNAR!!” Lunar opened his tear-drenched eyes and stared right at Jea-Sun-Luc. “Dead Reckoning.” He slashed the sword down Jea’s chest and face, and a massive explosion appeared, one that could be seen and felt for miles.

    Once all of the smoke cleared, the destroyed valley finally began to settle. Three gigantic claw marks had been torn into the ground, Jea was no where to be seen. Lunar laid on the ground. It began to rain a little bit, drops slowly began to hit Lunar’s battered face. He mustered up the strength to say just a few words. “J-Jinx…I’m so sorry…” He closed his eyes and tears began to fall from his eyes, as the last thin ray of light peaking from the clouds finally closed on Lunar’s face. There…in the quiet of the ruined valley…his tale had finally been complete.

    14 years later
    A demon child of average size and build ran through the village, laughed and chuckling as he looked down at the stolen candy. “I’m gonna get away with it, I’m gonna--” He crashed into someone. He looked up, rubbing his nose, and began to yell. “HEY! What’s the big…” He opened his eyes and looked up at his mother, standing in front of him. “H-h-hey…m-mom…” She looked at him with a frown as the candy store owner caught up. “Thanks for stopping him Jinx, this is the forth time he has tried this." “Oh, really now?” Jinx looked down at her son, whom she had decided to name “Makoto“. Makoto scowled and dropped the bag of candy, which the owner quickly retrieved. “Thanks Jinx.” He walked away. Makoto looked up at his mother. “What’cha gonna do to me?” Jinx bent over and smiled suddenly. Makoto cocked an eyebrow in confusion. Jinx closed her eyes, “You’re just like your father.” Makoto blinked and smiles, and the screen fades to white.

    …The End