• Hello! Hope everyone had a safe drive coming out to see me! i know i didn't.
    I flew in on this comercial airliner right. I sit next to this "big" and i mean big! married couple. So luckly im skinny.When the flight attendent asked me if i needed anything. i said " yea hold my sit i need to got to the bathroom" so she sits down and gets stuck! My plan worked. Oh yea!
    Have you ever been to public bathrooms? I went ti this one and it was so dirty it had a sign out front that said "Sorry, all of our toilets are operational"!
    So i walk inside and the cleaning man is lying dead in the middle of the floor!
    Thats why the bathrooms never get cleaned!
    So my Dad used to be a janitor at my High school.Oh the shame! sweatdrop My nick name all through High school and college was "Toilet Boy!" Imagine how embarrased i was all my life.So i flew out of the state after college.Thats where i saw my first airplane bathroom! xd
    So as you leave this page think this. If you were called "Toilet Boy" i would give you 5 stars. Thank you! good night! heart heart heart heart