• Ran no ke Baka

    Setting: Aoi-ya

    Characters: Ran

    (Ran, Kenshin, Obake, Yahiko & Bundei eating breakfast w/ Ran, Kenshin, & Obake in their night cloths)
    Ran: Mo (gezz)~ I hate mornings! (Falls over)
    Obake: Good, I won’t be lonely when I go back to bed. (Stands up & slaps Ran on the forehead.) You commin’ or not?
    Ran: Uuuhhh~. Yahiko, Bundei, go beat around the bush…. (Slowly stands up)
    Yahiko & Bundei: ?
    Obake: (talking to Ran) … You mean “Go practice your kenjutsu.”?
    Ran: Either way, they hitting some thing….
    Obake: Not realy....
    (Ran & Obake walk to their rooms.)
    Kenshin: (talking to Yahiko & Bundei) So? Are you going to practice?
    (Yahiko & Bundei ignore Kenshin and keep eating.)
    Ran: (from hallway) GO PRACTICE!
    Yahiko: Yes Ma’am.
    Bundei: Ok.
    (Scene changes to Ran & Kenshin’s room)
    Ran: ….. (Rolls over) pipe cleaners.... Ah-ha!!! (& sits up real fast) Hmm… what should I make…? Got it!
    (Kenshin walks in after break fast to change)
    Kenshin: Oro? Ran, you’re awake, gozaru ka. This one thought you would be asleep, gozaru.
    Ran: Go away! It’s as secret.
    Kenshin: Oro?
    Ran: shoo.
    Kenshin: Hai, hai.

    (An hour later)
    Yahiko: Oi~~ Ran!
    Bundei: When can we stop training?
    Ran: GO AWAY!!!
    Yahiko & Bundei:…..?
    (Yahiko & Bundei walk away.)

    (Lunch time)
    Obake: Ran, I’ve got your favorite for lunch! (Said from hall)
    Ran: NO~!!
    Obake: Ok…. (Goes to eat)

    (45 minuets later Misao & Okina open both room doors.)
    Okina: Ran-kun, w- (cut off by Misao)
    Misao: We’ve got a mission to night, y- (cut off by Okina)
    Okina: You want to come?!
    Ran: NO! (Misao & Okina fly in the hall) maybe tomorrow night, and don’t forget to close the doors.
    Misao: okidoki~~.

    (11:45 pm)
    (Kenshin walks in, changes & goes to bed.)
    Ran: Is it already 11:45?
    Kenshin: Hai, gozaru.
    Ran: Cool, I can show you guys what I was doing all day in the morning.
    Kenshin: How early are you going to get up?
    Ran: 10….
    Kenshin: That’s what this one thought gozaru.
    (Ran changes & goes to bed)

    (10:00 am)
    Obake: Breakfast is ready~! (at the door)
    Ran: Nnn~g…
    Obake: I’m coming in. (walks in beside Ran & breaths in) Wake up sle- (cut off by Ran)
    Ran: SHUT UP & go away!
    Obake: Ok~. Oh, Ran you said you had something to show us.
    Ran: Mmm? Mmm! Yea, I do,… give me 5 more minuets….
    Obake: Sure, 5 more minuets of… (Breaths in) Wake up sl- (cut off by Ran)
    Ran: OK! I’m awake. (Sits up & rubs eyes)… the door closed?
    Obake: Yea
    (Ran gets changed, grabs her project, & hides it in her sleeve (w/ her kunai & shuriken)
    Obake: Ready?
    Ran: O-.
    (Ran & Obake arrive in the dining place)
    Ran: Hey guys, sorry if I was mean to you last night, but I was working on something yesterday. (Pulls project from sleeve, still hidden, to side) I give you: “Fuzzyjutsu”! (Project is a katana & Ran draws it like one)
    Kenshin: Oro?
    Obake: Uh…
    Yahiko: Baka..
    Bundei: O~k~…
    Okina: Wa-ha ha~!
    Misao: What th-?!
    Kenshin: May we see?
    Ran: Sure. (Hands Kenshin “Fuzzyjutsu” & everyone looks at it)
    Obake: This is very good.
    Kenshin: Hai, gozaru.
    Misao: How did you make it?!
    Ran: Twisty turny… (Smiles sleepily)
    Misao: ?
    Obake: She means “I just twisted & turned the pipe cleaners to get them to where they are now.”
    Bundei: That’s about right….
    Ran: Go practice, you too Yahiko.
    Yahiko: What?!
    Bundei: Who’s going w/ Yahiko?
    Ran: You! & you herd me.
    THE END ;D

    Hope you enjoyed *bow*
    and for some people, again.