• Wind whistles through the leafless trees. A snow-covered landscape stretches as far as the eye can see. Packs of wolves howl at the full moon, making an eerie atmosphere. The only thing that broke the silence other than the wolves, was a lone truck travelling through the mountain less patch of earth.

    The truck’s driver was an average sized man with a leather jacket, denim jeans, black boots, and brown hair. With his rough voice, he spoke into his cell phone. “’corse I got the part, boss!.....ah, it wasn’t notin. But there was….. yea boss, it’s on the seat nex a me…..got it.” The cell phone was placed in the cupholder.

    “Hmmm… interesting.” said a voice in the rear of the truck. With the characters stomach on the floor and his ear to the glass, he heard everything. The character had all black clothes on him.

    Finally, the truck pulled up to a futuristic building. The character immediately sprang from the truck and dashed to the building. Keeping care that no one saw him, he inched toward the door. Drat! A code lock! Luckily for him, the driver walked up with a mechanical thing in his grasp, punched in the code, and the doors swung open. The driver stepped in, and so did the character. He followed the driver through a long hallway. The hallway was painted white. Within moments, the driver entered another set of doors, the character close behind. Woooohhh!!! The doc has been watching too many sci-fi movies!!! A dome protected the lab. Scientific instruments sprawled out over the floor. And in the middle, a huge laser like thing stood pointed at the dome.

    “It’s about time you got here!” A man that resembled the doc in back to the future bellowed. The driver replied, “Hey, I ain’t no magic man!” “ If I were you, I would keep that yap of yours quiet. Now give me that last piece!” The doc swiped the part from the driver and placed it in a slot in the laser. The laser sprang to life and shot a beam at the dome. The dome burst open and the beam shot toward the sky. The doc laughed an evil laugh, then froze. The beam was sucked back into the laser. “Uh, was dat sposed ta happen?” the driver asked. The doc steamed red and went berserk. “ I have never made a miscalculation in my life!!! What happened!?!?” The doc spun around to see the character next to a sliced wire. The doc fumed. “Who do you think you are!?!” The character walked toward the doc and said “I’m Krash. And you made the terrible mistake of crossing me.” Krash stood about as tall as the driver and wore a black mask.

    “Well, Krash, I’ll have you know that no one messes with me!” The doc said while taking out a laser gun. “A laser gun!?! Seriously!?!” But that’s all the time Krash had before the doc fired, and hit a mirror. The laser bounced back and hit the big laser. Electric bolts sprang from the laser. And that’s all Krash saw before he went unconscious.