• "My only wish, is to have a family for this final Christmas..." May whispered, her eyes closed, her head bowed, as she hoped with all her might that she would get her wish.
    May was fourteen years old, and was living in a boarding school since she was four. Her parents had been killed in a bombing while they were vacationing in a hotel being protested. She had never been outside of the boarding school walls ever since. There was no real family there, and being one of the oldest, there wasn't many people to socialize with. She did have one good friend, who she thought of as a family. Her name was Andrea. She was also fourteen, she had dumped her by her father who was a senator and her mother who was a drunkard. They stuck together as if they were the last few people hanging on to the last strands of life.
    But they were. The world was coming to an end now, in the early years of 1987. The sun was being blocked out, and nothing would budge it. The heat was gone, and everything was dieing. And, it was only a week 'till Christmas, the last Christmas for everyone.
    "May, are you going to go with me this year?" Andrea walked quietly into the room and tapped May's shoulder gently, breaking May's dreaming.
    "No, I don't think so Andrea... I have to find something different for myself this year. I have to at least try, Andrea, I have to try!" May cried, staring out the window at the falling snow.
    "May, we have been through this many times before, your family is no where to be found, you cannot go out all by yourself and try to find something that doesn't exist, there is no hope left for any of us!" Andrea said, laying the harsh truth down on May.
    "Andrea, there is hope if you believe there is, and I believe, and you should too." May said, turning to glare at her friend.
    "Fine then, I suppose this is goodbye then..." Andrea said, folding her hands and looking down at the dusty wooden floor.
    "I suppose it is... Goodbye Andrea..." May said inaudibly, as the tears welled up in her eyes.
    ".... Goodbye May.. I hope you find your Christmas miracle." Andrea said, walking over to the bed and picking up her last suitcase, she lugged it to the floor and walked out of the school.
    May watched as the black limo pulled up in front of the house and a door opened. Andrea stood in front of the house in the falling snow, her golden brown hair flying around her face. She looked up at the window to May, and opened her arms, and she screamed "I Believe May! I believe!". And that, as May knew it would be, was the last time she ever saw or heard from Andrea again.
    May packed her things (what little she had anyways) and said her goodbyes to the good old house she had lived in for ten years. She walked through the house looking at the places where she did special things, or a certain memory occured. She took one last look around the cavernous room of the foyer, and then stepped outside. She let the tears fall freely now, letting them freeze on her face, and she walked down the road, through the snow, remembering everything she ever thought she wanted, and was now pursueing it, her dreams. And she did believe.

    That was her last memory before the blizzard came, this is the story of the blizzard

    You must keep walking May, you must! She told herself, the cold was overtaking her, it was so strong!
    She couldn't take it anymore, she crawled down to the ground and lay in the snow, shivering from the cold and wetness. She was sure to die now.
    Andrea had run away, she had seen signs all over town as she passed through, signs depicting her best friend, signs asking if she had been seen. But alas, no one seemed to have replied.
    May let the cold get her, and she closed her eyes to sleep. Hopefully, for a very long time now, no more pain, no more suffering, she thought. As sleep overtook her, her memories, did too.
    "May!" Andrea screamed, shaking May, trying to wake her up.
    May would not move, she did not blink, she did not flinch. She didn't even seem to breathe, for the gentle rise and fall of her chest was not visible.
    "May no, you can't die... But you are.. ......................... No, you're dead... Please don't leave me now, please don't...... I miss you.. I am going to join you.. NOW." Andrea whispered, she lay down in the cold beside her dead best friend, and let herself slip into the deep sleep, taking an everlasting nap, never to wake up, but, May and Andrea where somewhere better. In a place where they would have a real family, and a real Christmas, and it truly was a miracle.