• The smell of Christmas was already coming; Lisa danced around on her feet. She wondered into grandma's winter garden and gazed into the moonlight. Lisa's shadow leaped into the air as snow drops fall down, Lisa always wanted to know what was behind the golden gate but Grandma Rosie told her not to go in there. Lisa slipped under a fallen tree and tipped-toed down the path. The path lead her to a small place, and there it shined the golden gate. Lisa sprinkled her hands against the gate, it was real gold. Blossoms tumbled down and a dark shadow lit up being Lisa, "Lisa? Lisa! What did I told you, not to go in that gate!" It was Grandma Rosie; her steaming red race gave Lisa the twitch. "But Grandma-" "No buts, your coming back inside missy" Lisa always wondered what happened to her parents, she was a shabby orphan that lived on 110 Waru street with her Grandparents. "Lisa was about to go inside the golden gate!" Grandma explained to Grandpa Joey. "Now Lisa, what did Grandma Rosie told you? Don’t enter that gate!" Lisa rolled her eyes and wondered back into the winter garden. Lisa saw a shadow move; it looked like some one entered the gate. Lisa stood up and swept her dress clean, "Hello?" She said no answer. She walked down to the gate. It was wide opened. Lisa turned around, no one was there. She bit her lip and slid through the gate.

    "I can't believe it!" yelled Lisa. Tiny little creatures raced around sweeping the golden floor, "Every thing is golden" She wiped the window of a jewerly shop, music danced through her mine. She opened the door and looked around the shop. "Wow!" said Lisa as she peered over the glass container full of golden jewerly. "Would you like a free gift? Choose any item you would like." Me!?" Shouted Lisa as she pointed to herself, "Yes you, any thing you would like." Lisa chose a small bracelet carved with horses and birds around the edges. Lisa wanted to stay here her whole life, but she knew she wasn't aloud to.

    Lisa opened her eyes; she was still sitting, on the bench in the winter garden. Lisa yawned, "Just a dream," She smiled. Grandma Rosie was pulling her inside, 'Now Lisa, get inside now!!!" Lisa smiled at the moonlight. The golden bracelet was still on her wrist, 'Where did you get that from!?" Grandma yelled, "From a wee friend of mine, a dream that came true!"