• His boots prodded the ground with that same monatanous rythym. The bottom of his cloak swept at the ground as it kicked up dust everywhere it touched. One hand was gloved in a sleek leather, while his whole right arm was wrapped in bandages, seemingly concealing some monstrous deformation beneath. Whispy white hair peeked out of under his hood, which overshadoed everything above the bridge of his nose. He marched on with an eerily satisfied grin across his face.
    The dirt road he had been traveling on for days now seemed to have no end, though he knew he would eventually reach the village known as Ashe. A peculiarly ironic name for a town that had nearly burned to the ground just 5 years prior. Construction to rebuild it was just now coming to a close.
    The Phantom, at least, that's what he went by, gazed upward upon the newly varnished sign that hung neatly at the top of two posts. This served as the gate to the main part of town. As he crossed underneath it and almost glided into the main sqaure, He was met with gasps and strange looks, no doubt directed at his arm. Though he had never been known to remove the wrappings, it's jagged shape alone built him quite a reputation all on it's own. He paid no mind to the villagers and non-shallantly continued to stroll until coming to the fountain that adorned the center of the humble place. He gave it one look then smiled, as he could feel the eyes of the burning into his back. Then he simply turned, and sat between two people on an adjacent bench. Both patrons slowly scooted themselves apart from him a ways.
    One villager though aful mighty of himself, and strutted up to The Phantom, Bending his posture until his face alligned with that of the hooded.
    "Hey! Who do you think you are? Just waltzin' in this town like you aint done nothin'? We've all heard the stories!" He paused for a moment, nervously, then countinued "If you know what's good for you you'll go back the way you came, stranger."
    In an instananeous flash, The Phantom raised one hand to the villager's throat and lifted him straight off the ground as he stood up.
    "If you've heard the stories then why aren't you running?" He grinned, but his victim spat in The Phantom's face through his teeth.
    The villager crashed against the ground, sliding on his bottom then landing on his face. The Phantom whiped his face with his good hand.
    "You know not what you do, fool." The Phantom stepped up to the man as he struggled to rise to his feet. He quickly rose on foot and planted it on the villager's back to stop this from happening.
    "You aren't going anywhere just yet." He took his right arm and slowly began unwrapping it. Underneath it was black as night, and covered in glowing red lines. It had jagged horns all over it's surface and one forsaken eye where his arm joined with his shoulder.
    "This is what happens. When you act like a fool."He knelt close to the man's face and smiled. "And this is what happens, when I teach you some respect."
    He grabbed the man's collar with the devilish arm, and hurled him at the giant sign, bringing it smashing to the gorund as it landed on the old fool. Noone could have survived that.
    The Phantom turned toward the rubble, stepping over it as he left town. he turned once more to the villagers as they stood, mouths gaping.
    "Tell all your friends what you just saw."