• Hector- a scriptwriter
    John- a evil sadistic boss
    Phlegm- a famous actor How he became famous? No one knows.

    Situation: HECTOR is sitting in an office to meet with the director. He is sure he has come up with the new thing

    HECTOR: What's taking him so long?!

    (JOHN enters carrying a DS)

    JOHN: This New Mario is just as hard as the old ones! (sighs) It took me quite a while to beat it. Sorry have you been waiting?

    HECTOR: (to himself, thinking aloud) If I say that I've been waiting 14 hours he will get angry at me for insulting his gaming skills and I may get fired! (to JONH) Oh, I just came in Mr. John.

    JOHN: Call me by my last name.

    HECTOR: Come on, the readers and I all know you don't have one!

    JOHN: Just give me the script.

    HECTOR: (as handing) I think it's a great one! My friends on Gaia came up with the idea!

    JOHN: Don't waste my time with your speech and don't waste your time with some stupid online thingy. The internet is useless!

    HECTOR: Okay... So, It is about an onion farmer who finds a huge onion. An onion of the world! He wants to sell it to the onion buyers but they say it's worthless because they are teaming up against him for a low price and-

    JOHN: This sounds like the pearl.

    HECTOR: So? I think Phlegm would love to act it out.

    JOHN: Phlegm would sooner shoot you. In fact I may just do that myself, you haven't been coming up with any good ideas Henry.

    HECTOR: It's Hector, and yes! I have! What about the Ham Fisherman?

    JOHN: That killed off two of our best actors!

    HECTOR: But it was a big hit!

    JOHN: No one watched it!

    HECTOR: It's their fault that they weren't invincible!

    JOHN: NO ONE is invincible! Think up something else!

    HECTOR: Fine! (HECTOR exits)

    JOHN: Now back to work. (pulls out DS and continues playing)