• “Are you lonely?” I ask him as I stand there sitting on the edge of his desk. He looks up to me with a confused look in his eye. I ask again, “Are you lonely?” No answer is given as he politely similes. That fake smile. “No.” He replies. I frown a little. “You look lonely.” I say. His smile widens as he manages to close his eyes. I look at him and finally say, “I was once lonely.” He stops smiling to look at me. “I know that smile.” I sigh. My eyes wander away from his lips to his eyes. “The one you use. I used to use it too.” I look away to his wall. “That smile hid the pain that I felt each day. That smile, was a sign to others not to worry about me.” I look back at him. I continue, “But that was a long time ago.” I smile. “That was before I met you.” He smiles a little.

    I quietly think to myself, Maybe not today but one day I’ll make you smile. I’ll make you reveal to me your true smile.