• I woke up… I was standing on the edge of the sidewalk. I looked out and saw a small lake. The sun was rising and the air was brisk. I could see the reflection on the sun on the lake. Suddenly I was on a beach and the sidewalk had turned to sand and, the lake had turned into an ocean. I felt the cool wind blow through my hair. I felt so calm; then I saw James lying on his stomach 50 feet away from me. He was covered in a blanket from shoulders down and I ran toward him. I flipped up the blanket to snuggle in next to him. My face turned pale; he was still ripped in half. How could this be? I could see his spine and organs lying outside of his body. The sand under him was stained red from the blood. I looked down at my wrists and saw that they were still slit and slowly dripping blood. Unwillingly I reached up and touched my throat. I could feel where the skin was cut though it wasn’t as deep as I thought it would be. Suddenly the scenes around me changed. The waves started coming faster and getting higher; the sky turned an ominous red and James started crawling toward me. I could see his spine moving and his organs trailing slightly behind him. Then the waves and sand turned into fire and I screamed.

    I launched upright out of the bed. I saw the tubes attached to me and I started pulling them out. I felt pain race through my entire body but I ignored it. I HAD TO GET OUT OF HERE! The nurses came in and saw me ripping out all of the tubes and needles. One of the nurses reached into a cupboard and pulled out a needle. I knew it was a sedative and I jumped out of bed. I pushed the nurses out of the door way and tore down the hall. I heard them coming after me. I started taking sharp turns. Left, right, right, right, left. After a while I couldn’t hear their footsteps. I looked down the hall and saw many doors. I chose the first one to my left and ran in. “You know you shouldn’t be in here” a boy behind me said. I tuned around to see who was talking me and held the scanty hospital dress closer to my body. It was a young boy. The boy had shoulder length brown unkempt hair. He was short and seemed to only be six or seven. I crawled closer to him. His eyes drew me in. at first glance they were pitch black but if you looked closer they seemed to have red dots. I crawled closer and closer until we were nose to nose. Then I saw that the red dots were actually hearts. “You have beautiful eyes” I told him. He took a step back. “You should see my brother’s. They’re really cool.” As he spoke he turned and looked at another bed covered in blankets. I could barley make out the form of someone under the covers. “What’s your name” the boy asked sweetly. “My name is Cath.” I responded calmly. “What’s yours?” I asked. “Everyone calls me Coople. I don’t know why. No one will tell me. They say it just suites me.” And he was right. The name went with him. There wasn’t any other name anyone could come up with that would suite him so well, other than Coople.