• Betrayed

    When morning came I decided to do an early swim, I walked over to the suburban to get my bag. I ran behind the car to quickly change into my suit, I didn’t have any good two pieces so I used my mother’s old one piece. I threw my bag back in the suburban and tiptoed pass the others, trying not to wake them up. When I reached the sandy shore I ran as fast as I could and dived into deep enough waters. My body was already starting to numb and I was having trouble breathing when my body tried to adjust to the water. After my body was adjusted to the water I did a few laps from the buoy and back for a little exercise. I noticed Jessica was up and she was running around, she probably noticed I was gone. I laughed a little bit, but seeing this is no fun I decided to calm her down. “Hey Jess I’m out here.” I waved at her and she waved back. I decided to swim back in before anyone else panics over me. Jessica already had a towel in her hand and handed it to me. “How was the water?” I dried off my hair and put it up in a short ponytail. “Very cold.” She giggled a bit and skipped over to the suburban. “Hey Cryss I wanted to show you something, would you like to come.” Heather was already awake and dressed and me with my bathing suit still on and my old pair of sweat pants. “Sure why not.” I knew this wasn’t going to be good, but what the heck, I’m going for it. It’s been an hour since we left and we were far from hearing distance from the others. “Heather how much longer?” she came to a stop and turned around to look at me. “Were here.” I walked up next to her and we were at a cliff that was high above the ocean and had a good view of the ocean, at the bottom I could see rocks surrounding the cliff side. “Wow this is beautiful.” As I gazed into the sea, Heather was walking back, not knowing where she was going, but then again I didn’t really care, and she is kind of my enemy. I felt someone’s hands on both my shoulders and I flinched a bit. “Hey Cryss.” I was getting cautious now. “Yea Heather?” Her lips were in my ear, her breathing sent shivers down my spine. “Have a nice swim.”

    I turned around, but it was to late, she pushed me off the side and I was in free fall. I managed to get a grip of a tree root that was sticking out of the side of the cliff and clanged to it with my life. “Heather what the hell are you doing.” I placed my foot in an indent in the side of the wall and placed my hand on a rock that was sticking out, my other hand clinging to the tree root. “With you out of the picture, Shade’s all mine.” She leaned over the side, glaring down at me as I growled like an animal. “Pull me back up.” “No I don’t believe so.” She waved at me and walked away. “Heather get back here!” I clanged there for a good half hour and I was starting to lose my grip. “Crysstal, where are you.” I was so happy to hear her voice. “Jess down here!” she looked over the side, her face in shock. “Crysstal, how did you end up down there?” I reached my arm up to her. “Questions later, just pull me up.” She reached out for me and she grabbed my hand tightly and struggled to pull me up. “I can’t I’m not strong enough.” I clung both my hands to the tree root. “Get one of the boys hurry.” She gave me an agreeing nod and darted off towards the camp. I couldn’t hang on any longer, if she doesn’t get back soon, I’m going to fall into a watery grave. “Crysstal!” his voice was like a song that I always loved to listen to, but I’m afraid this is the last time I’m going to hear it. “Shade.” He looked down at me, his eyes tearing up and I smiled at him. “Crysstal grab my hand.” He reached his hand down to me and I reached up to him. My fingers lightly brushed his fingertips. “Shade, I’m sorry, I can’t.” I let go of the root and my body was in free fall, closing my eyes to wait for my death. “Crysstal no!” there voices were muffled when my body hit the icy water. I can no longer hear them; I could hear only the darkness creeping upon me, pulling me into my death. As I sank deeper into the water I thought about the friends I made and how I lost them so easily. I was losing my conscious and my breathing stopped, I had to be dead by now.

    “Crysstal, Crysstal, please wake up.” Hearing the sound of my angel’s voice brought my mind at peace, I know I would be safe here. “Get her a towel hurry.” Someone’s lips were pressing against mine, they were warm and soft, and I didn’t want them to leave mine. “Crysstal breathe please.” I could hear the agony in his voice; there was no reason to cry over me. My breathing was low and uneven and it was hard to speak. “Don’t Cry.” My voice was so low I couldn’t even hear it. I tried to open my eyes but all the sand and gravel made it hard for me to see clearly. “What do you mean don’t cry, you almost died.” I rubbed my eyes of all the sand and I could see clearly now. Shade was leaning over me, his eyes tearing and his body was soaking wet. “Maybe she was just careless and that’s why she’s like this.” I could hear a growl form in Shade’s chest. “That’s not what happened Heather.” I sat up and my head was spinning, my body was sore and my ribs were hurting, I must of hit something on the way down. “Actually that’s what did happen Shade, I was careless.” I don’t know why I was protecting her, but I didn’t want to hear any arguing right now. “But Crysstal.” I put my hand up before he could continue and shook my head. “That’s the truth Shade, just drop It.” I got to my feet, barely standing. Shade placed his hand on my shoulder and I quickly smacked it a way. “Crysstal what’s wrong?” I shook my head and snapped at him. “It’s nothing just leave me alone!” I ran with all the strength I had left and disappeared into the dark woods. “Crysstal!”