• A Vampire's Love
    Chapter Eight: Shocking News!

    The next day, I leave Alexander sleeping and I walk to Kai's house. I bang on the door. "It's open!" Yells Kai. I enter his home and gasped at the surprise of seeing Kai's leg broken. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" "Ah, just fell down the stairs last night. Shocking isn't it?" Kai says with a smirk on his face. "Could he be..." I thought in my head. "Nah, just a coincidence." I think in my head once again. "So, have you met my cousin Alexander?" "Yeah, I have. He's really...interesting." "Really? How so?" I go and sit down next to Kai. "So...you fell down and broke your leg?" "Yeah..." "Kai. I know when you're lying to me. Please don't lie to me." Kai sighs. "I saw you and Alexander lastnight. I was the Werewolf that broke it's leg..." I stare at him in shock. "You...were...that Werewolf?!" "hehehe yes Kayuki. I am also the Werewolf that changed you.." "What!? NO!" I say backing away. "I wanted you to be my queen, but...you're in love with Alexander aren't you?" He said leaning closer to my face. "But, of course...I'm not gonna let that happen or even let it contiue!" And he leaps off the couch and pins me down to the floor. "KAI! GET THE HELL OFF OF ME! WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU!?" He looks down at me. "Kayuki! Can't you see I'm the one that loves you!" And he kisses me full on the lips. My eyes widen. "Kai...you're just my friend. Nothing more. I do love Alexander. I'm sorry." I said after he was done kissing me. "You really do love him don't you..." Says Kai looking down. "Kai..." I reach up to stroke his face. "It's not that I don't like you. I do, But I don't love you...I love you as a friend and nothing more. I'm really sorry." I say looking into his eyes. "But, I do love you Kayuki..I can't help it. I just do." "I know." And I kiss him softly. "I still want to be your friend Kayuki. If that's ok with you." I smile up at him. "Of course." He gets off of me and helps me up. "Kai! Your legs healed!" "I know." "I'm glad we can still be friends Kai." "Me too."