• So you can deny it.
    So you can ignore it.
    So you can shy away from it.
    But you cannot stay away from it.

    It follows you. It pains you when you see him. Your eyes burn. The tears fall. They sink into your skin. Like tattoos. They leave an eternal mark, Reminding you daily of what you've been through, Who you've cried for.

    Daily, You feel it shows. The depression, seeping out from you. Your thoughts aren't the same. You can't admit it. You're dying inside. You never seem to find the cure. The 100% for all eternity happiness. And you realize something... That happiness, That cure, that eternity, is with him. But you. You can't walk up to him. You know for sure, You'll break down in sobs and pain in front of him. You can't handle that.

    You slowly get up, Once again. Starting another painful day. You have to hold yourself again. You have to pray you don't loose your mind.

    The tear tattoos show boldest with him around. The small cuts on your arms show bright red. You're hole body is screaming to your mind to tell him of the pain he's created. But your mind knows, At least you hope it does, that he can never find out. Never.

    In your thoughts, He doesn't exist. Neither do the tattoos. Nor the tears. Nor what you've been through. What you go through everyday... The pain, the lies, the hatred between the love.