• Enter...Bansen High!!!
    Good Morning Class pt 6~

    After that...interesting expeience with Hitske, Haturo looked at her schedule and after Mathwas Lunch. With a sigh of relief Haturo looked at the map on the back of her sceduel to see which way to go. But when she looked at the scheduel, Haturo realized that it was on the other side of the school! "Aw man! I'm starvin' my butt of here! Why can't the stupid cafeteria be right next to me?!" Haturo screamed. When she looked over to her right she saw a sign above some Double doors and it read "CAFETERIA". On Closer observation, Haturo realized that she was holding her scheduel...up....side....down!! Haturo yelled at herself. With her head held low, Haturo slowly walked into the massive cafeteria. She found an empy table right next to the left of the door and sat down. Yusa immediatly saw Haturo all by her lonesm and launched her self at her with a huge glomp! "What's up imouto-san?!" *note Imouto-san means little sister* "U-Uh...how's it goin' Yusa?" Yusa got up and sat next to Haturo at the abandoned table. "How come your sitting here all by yourself?" Yusa asked carinly. Haturo shrugged, "I don't know. I just don't know anyone yet so...yeah." Yusa wrapped her arm around Haturo's neck and pointed at
    a table close by and guess who was sitting there eating his sushi out of his luch box. Here's a hint his name rhymes with Mitske. Haturo's face began to grow pink. "H-How'd you know I liked him?!?" Haturo screached. Yusa giggled, "You just told me." "Your more coniving than you look," Haturo said with a sweat bead rolling down her face. "Heh heh thanks! Wait.....HEY!!" Haturo laughed and almost choked on her milk. The ending bell wrang a while later and Haturo left Bensen High and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.

    End of Chapter 1