• Leah screamed. Emily covered her mouth and shushed her, then led her behind a bush. They sat in silence, too scared to breath. Then, they saw them, The Damned! The ghostly figures wrapped in rags, faces, covered in blood, hovered above the ground. Leah burst into tears crying It was so hard not to cry when all these figures, coming to hunt you, kill you, then eat you, were right where you were. Then-
    '-Emily!!!! Help me!!!!'
    Emily looked up and saw a Damned holding Leah by the scruff of her neck.
    Damned are deaf, so, if Leah screamed, they would not hear her. But, they are imensly good smellers.
    The Damned holding Leah hesitated. 'he can smell me' Emily thought. Indeed he could. Emily held her breath..........then breathed a sigh of relief when he left. But, what about Leah!?
    Moments later, Emily heard a scream behind a nearby tree. She waited for the Damned to leave, then rushed over to the tree. There she saw Leah, covered in blood and completly breathless. 'At leeee-asssttt theehya did-dd-nnn't eat herrrr' Emily whispered, getting saltwater tears all over her friend's body.
    Now, Emily had to continue her mission, without Leah..................................