• It's been a while since i have heard from my brother. He has gone away on his own, while i , the youngest of my family, living in our little home.
    I have three older siblings, Nathan the oldest, Jessica, and my closest sibling Beau. When i was seven years of age, Nathan went to war, then he was injured in battle and was sent back home. Then a year later he got married and is raising his own family. When i was twelve , almost thirteen yars of age my sister, 21 at the time went into a relationship and before i knew it, she got married as well. I miss the cookies that she would always make and the great advice she gave. Now Beau was my pal, may not give as good of advice as Jessica but he always was fun to talk to and to hang with. And now he is away, gone to war, like Nathan. He left a month ago.
    My parents have always been there for me. My mother, Anne would take care of me when sick and tought me how to cook. My father, Micha a great farmer he is and can fix almost anything and make it work even better than when it started.
    I am John Pack, sixtten years old and i have been a farmer almost my whole life. I started working on the farm when I was twelve. Now father says that i have gained enough experience to able to run the farm on my own except for some few things.[/