• Prologue

    I never imagined I could fall in love with someone my family hated. I thought I could find someone that pleased them and I knew now that would never happen. Would I be okay with them hating me? Would everything turn out okay? I hoped for the best as my world began to crash.

    Chapter 1

    I awoke to my alarm clock going off in my ear. It was the beginning of a new day, more like a new day of school. To be exact, it was the first day of a new school year.
    I didn’t mind school at all, it was actually pretty exciting. There was drama, fights, and stupid people all in one place. It was like a television show that never ended. I knew this year would be more exciting since I was a junior and I had more power. Everyone knew who I was so power wasn’t going to be an issue for me, I already had a lot.
    I got out of bed after a few minutes of yelling from my sister.
    “You’ll never be ready in time.”, she kept saying.
    I just nodded my head and applied my makeup. It took me forever to get ready but I never wanted to leave the house looking bad. She was all dressed and ready to go. Her outfit was all pink, from head to toe.
    “Ana don’t you think that’s over doing the whole pink theme?”, I asked politely.
    “You can never wear too much pink ,especially if you’re me.”, she laughed and walked over to my bed and sat down.
    I finished putting on my jewelry and spun around in front of my mirror. Perfect.
    I saw her reflection in the mirror and she smiled, “Don’t you think that’s too much black?”
    “You can never wear too much black, especially if you’re me.”, I laughed with her as we walked out of our room and headed down the stairs.
    We both walked into the kitchen and smelled the food our mother was cooking.
    “So what’s for breakfast?”, we both asked.
    “Eggs and steak with blood wine.” , she smiled.
    I smiled and walked into the dining room. I looked around and opened the curtains, letting in the moonlight.
    The moon was such a beautiful thing. It made me happy knowing that since I was a vampire I got to see it a lot more than humans do.
    Humans just saw the big bright sun that hurt everyone’s eyes. I sat down in my chair and looked out the window. Bats were flying around and ravens were sleeping in the trees. It all looked so peaceful.
    Ana came in and sat beside me. Her blonde hair sparkled in the light.
    “Dear sister how do you think our first day will be?”, she looked into my eyes with excitement.
    “Well of course everyone will like us, we always have been popular with everyone. We don’t have to worry about that. When it comes to the boys though, I heard their will be a lot of new ones attending this year. I’m actually really excited about that. It’s a good thing we go to a private night school, you know everyone their will be somewhat amazing.”, I grinned and then looked towards the door as my mother walked in.
    “Breakfast is served.”, she said loudly, hoping that everyone heard it.
    Stefan, Dimitrie, and my father all came to the table and sat down.
    “Yum breakfast! I’m starving.”, Stefan said.
    “You’re always hungry fatty!”, Dimitrie yelled.
    “Hey no fighting at the table! , my father yelled so loud it shook the room.
    Mornings were hectic for my family and the same thing almost happened every morning. My brothers would argue when they came down for breakfast and then my father would yell at them for fighting. It was funny sometimes and other times it was quite annoying.
    The food was set on the table and then my mother left to go wake up Charlotte. She was the youngest of the family and Stefan was the oldest. He was also the biggest pain, I thought at least and I’m sure my parents felt the same. He was always getting in fights at school or never listening to adults, but everyone still loved him.
    I grabbed a steak and put it on my plate. I wasn’t hungry for eggs today.
    “So are you going to be good this year?”, I knew my father was talking to Stefan.
    “Yea, I’ll be on my best behavior.”, he smirked and ate his food like a pig.
    “What a slob!”, my mother said as she came in with Charlotte.
    “Why don’t you eat like you have manners even if its just a little bit of manners.”
    I laughed as I finished up and then stood up. Ana finished as well and followed my lead.
    “Well we’re going to head to school now. Don’t worry we’ll be good unlike some people in this house.”, we looked at each other and laughed.
    “Hey! Don’t believe those two, they just love having guys fall all over them.”, Stefan laughed and food came flying out his mouth.
    “Yea whatever slob.”, I smirked and we both went into the kitchen.
    “Mother, Ana and I are going to take some blood wine with us.”, I yelled.
    “Okay dears! Have fun at school and remember to come home right away so you can baby-sit Charlotte!”, she yelled right back.
    “Time for school.”, I let out a sigh as we walked down the hall and towards the front door.
    “Don’t worry it will be great!”, Ana said enthusiastically.
    “If you say.”, we walked out the door and headed to school.

    Chapter 2

    I laid in bed as my alarm kept going off near my head. I didn’t want to get up but sooner or later I was going to have to no matter if I wanted to or not. Things weren’t getting any easier for me ever since my family had moved back to this crazy town. Now I had to go to this private school and deal with other vampires. I was home schooled and I liked it. I didn’t have to deal with drama or stupid people, everything was just fine. I didn’t understand my parents reasons for this change, but I knew it was something I couldn’t get out of no matter how hard I tried.
    “Come on Rayne, it’s time to get up!, Hellicia yelled as she threw a pillow at me.
    “Can’t I sleep for a few more minutes? School is going to suck anyways, so why do I have to go?”, I pulled the covers over my head and tried to sleep.
    “If you don’t get out of this bed now, I will jump on you till your organs come out of your eye sockets and you burn!”, She laughed insanely.
    I jumped out of my bed faster than an animal after their prey. Hellicia was scary when it came to punishing me. Even though I was a guy, she was still older and I knew I would never win even with my physical strength. She could scream and have my parents kick my butt for her.
    She headed out my door, “That’s better.”
    “Why oh why did I have to be up so early?”, I said out loud.
    I found some clothes on the floor that matched and put them on. I was too lazy to dress in something that looked nice for the first day of school. I saw a pair of converse near my closet, so I grabbed them and put them on. I knew I looked odd so I didn’t bother looking in the mirror I just left my room and grabbed my backpack on the way out.
    “Where is my brief case!?”, My father yelled. His voice echoed throughout the house.
    “It’s right near the front door.”, My mother said, coming out of the kitchen.
    I walked down the stairs and headed into the kitchen. I was hungry but I felt too sick to eat. My nerves were getting to me and I felt like I could throw up.
    “Are you hungry?”, My mother asked as she came in.
    “Nah I’ll pass, I don’t think I could eat while being so nervous.”, I replied quietly.
    “I’m sure your first day of school will be fine. I know it will take some time to get used to but everything is like that. I remember having you and then not knowing what to do and I was so nervous because I thought if I did something wrong then you would die or something. Give it some time and if you hate it then you can be home schooled again, I promise.”, she smiled and gave me a glass of blood wine.
    “Thanks mom, you always know what to say.”, I took the glass and drank it all.
    “I should probably head to school now. I don’t want to be late on my first day.” I set the glass down and headed towards the front door.
    “Remember to be yourself sweetie.”, My mother yelled.
    I shut the door behind me and headed to my car.
    “Lets get this day over with already.”, I mumbled under my breath.