• ~~~~~barney~~~~~

    Barney was just singing his songs on the show. When the show was done rolling, he decided to go to the bar. He tried taking off his costume, but it wouldn't come off.
    "What the fu..." he mumbled. He pulled and pulled, but just a failure. He sighed. He got a dagger, and made a hole in the mouth, so that when he drank, it would get to his mouth. Barney/gay rod, walked towards the bar, and people laughed.
    "SHUT UP!!!!!!! I'LL BUST YOU UP IF U LAUGH AGAIN!!!!!!" He got angry. He walked into the bar, and sighed as the men laughed and made awful remarks that u dont want to know. Barney sat on the stool, and asked for some water.
    Instead of water, the bartender gave Barney alcohal to see what would happen. He got drunk as he asked for 15 more, and he slowly walked towards the door.
    "HEY BARNEY!!! C'MERE U b*****d!!!" Barney turned around, and saw this husky, muscular man. Tattoos covered his face. Barney meant to ask what, but all that came out was,
    "mwaja...?" the man raised an eyebrow.
    "WHAT'D U SAY BOUT MY MAMA??!" The man cracked his knuckles, his face getting red.
    "wha-what's y-your p-p-problem?" Barney stuttered. The man walked to Barney and tore Barney's costume in half.
    "You break my heart making me do this buddy," the man said, grabbing a hold of 'Barneys' neck.
    "H-h-h-hey!!" The man punched and twisted in Barneys guts. Barney swung at the man, but it didnt even touch him.
    He pushed Barney to the ground, kicked him until he was crying. The man laughed and left the bar.