• I made it to English class with some hesitance. I took my seat and laid my books on my desk. I stared at the blank white board in front of me. I stared for what seemed like hours, not thinking, just trying to relax myself, but my mind kept drifting to him. His name, his voice…it sent blood pulsing to my face. Breathing seemed to get more difficult. Finally the bell rang. Mr. McKay walked into the class room and began his lesson on Mark Twain. I found it hard to pay attention, even though English was my favorite class, and throughout the day, it just got worse. I caught myself doodling in my note books, writing his name over and over, hearts surrounding it each time.
    Social Studies or World History was the hardest class to go through. I never really was fond of it in the first place, and it being the last class of the day made it worse. Especially...it being the last fifty minutes before I could call him. I stared at the clock, bouncing in my seat a little. The teacher,
    Mrs. Baray, went on about Greek mythology.
    Twenty minutes passed, and the amount of butterflies in my stomach must have doubled. Suddenly...a note was flicked onto my desk. I looked over at my friend Katie, than looked down at the note. I carefully opened it.
    'What's up with you today?'
    I wanted to tell her...but I couldn't.
    I quickly scribbled onto the note, 'Just want to get home.' and passed it to her without the teacher noticing. I thought about what I'd do when I got out of class. The fastest way was probably going up the first flight of stairs to get to my locker, grab my jacket, backpack, run downstairs, and exit out of the first door on my left. Sure, it would take a little longer to walk home, but that was good. More time hearing his voice.
    Ten more minutes. Why couldn't time move faster?
    I stopped bouncing. What was I doing? If I didn't believe him...why was I so concerned about speaking to him again? I felt my heart sink, along with the rest of my body. I slipped down into my seat and sighed. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! ...but...what if he did mean it? I felt myself perk back up again. Sure...it was doubtful, and sure, I was living in a fantasy, but why did it matter? If there was one thing I knew, fantasy was better than reality. The bell rang.
    I sprang up from my seat and literally burst out of the class room and up the stairs. I opened my locker as fast as I could, threw on my jacket, grabbed my cell phone out of my backpack, put my backpack on, and ran downstairs. I walked out of the building. I had bars. "Address book....Address book..." I muttered, flipping through names.
    I pressed 'CALL.' The phone began to ring as I started to walk home.
    The phone rang for a few second as the butterflies just filled my stomach with each passing moment.
    Breath finally escaped my lungs. "Hey." I squeaked.
    "What's up?"
    "N-nothing much. Just got outta school."
    "That's cool."
    I gulped. He was so cool about it? Ahg! Why was I so nervous?
    "Uh...h-how was school?"
    "Boring." He replied sighing.