• It was around 1:30 a.m. when Mark went out on his usual hunting. He was hungry already, but he couldn't find any animals to feed on. Usually he would feed on animals from the woods close to the city, but since there was a storm tonight, all animals were hiding. Plus, their blood wouldn't taste as good if they were all wet. There is only one type of animal whose blood is delicious even when their skins are soaked in water: humans. Though Mark wouldn't usually feed on humans, he was craving their blood tonight. It must have been the weather that got him into wanting to do what he hadn't done in ages: hunt a human.
    He went to the city and searched for the one human whose blood he would drink. He found a young couple making out inside a car parked in the parking lot of a cheap motel. They got out of the car and headed towards the motel. No one else was around; Mark could tell both of them were aroused, he could smell it: their bloods were warm. Nothing tasted better than the warm blood of a young woman. He had his prey, now it was time to hunt it. In an instant Mark was in front of the couple, smiling at them. "What the h**l! What do you want?" the blond guy said to Mark while they all just stared at each other.
    "I'm jus hungry," he replied; and in a second he grabbed the guy by the neck and threw him against a car. "And I'll be taking your girlfriend" he said as the girl screamed and yelled for help while running around trying to escape.
    "You are scared...that will only make your blood taste even better." He appeared in front of the girl in an instant, and she fainted. As he readied himself to pierce the brunette girl, he heard someone say "I found ya, Vampire."
    Mark turned around and saw three men standing together with guns on their hands. Vampire hunters he thought. "S**t" he cussed and got up as fast as he could. "Don't even think about it" the man in the middle said as he saw Mark getting ready to run away.
    Mark used his speed to get out of the parking lot, but the men started shooting and one of them hit him on the leg. Still he managed to get out of there, he tried healing himself with his powers, but it was useless. Mark hadn't been able to suck any blood at all. The last time he had taken blood was from a cow two days ago, and on top of that, the bullet that had just wounded him was a silver bullet. Silver takes away a great part of a vampire's energy and power. He ran as fast as he could, ignoring the pain and the burning sensation on his leg I have to get out of here he turned on a corner, looking for the darkest place to hide. The hunters were following him closely “You won’t be able to escape this time” the boss said. “I’ve been looking for you. You are one of the trashy vampires, who won’t follow the contract made between One World and your race, aren’t you? ” Mark knew what the man was talking about. One World was an old secret organization for humans and non-humans. There goal was to have all humans and non-human creatures living together in peace. A contract had been made between humans and vampires more than a century ago. The contract was simple; vampires wouldn’t hunt or kill humans and in return, One World would provide them with human blood from those willing to donate it. The vampire hunting would also be stopped if vampires accepted the contract of feeding only from animals and donators. While most vampires accepted the contract because they wanted the vampire hunting to stop, a few remain in the shadows and rebelled against them. This vampires had been secretly been feeding on humans without taking only what they needed, but they would take their lives as well. For the past 10 years, there had been many unsolved murder cases in the city. One World had warned all vampires if more than 10% of those cases turned out to be the doing of vampires, they wouldn’t be able to stop the hunters. So this guys think I’m the one who… his thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of gunshots. One, and then a second one. “Ah!” he screamed out of pain. One of the bullets had wounded him on his left arm, close to the shoulder. The bullet had pierced him and it was burning him. He grew his claws with the little energy he still had, and pierced his own skin to get the bullet out. Warm blood came out of the wound, mixing with the raindrops and was washed away by the cold water. It was becoming difficult to breath, and even harder to get rid of the hunters. “I have to lose them” he said, and as he turned left on the closest corner, he used whatever power he had remaining to lose the hunters by transforming into a cat.
    The hunters didn’t notice when he transformed. If they had wounded him, he wouldn’t have any energy to use his shape-changing powers, or any other power at all. He hid underneath a car parked outside a building he didn’t recognized. The men passed by the car, and without noticing him they continued to search ahead. As soon as he saw them go, Mark crossed the street as fast as he could, using the cat’s body. He went straight into a dark alley and turned left to hide behind a building. He had seen a “SAPPHIRE JEWELS” sign in front of it, so he figure it was a jewelry store. He could hear the hunters struggling to find him. He waited a few minutes and then he heard a siren. One of the hunters yelled out that the police was coming and they all had to retreat. Lucky, he thought because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the cat’s shape for any longer. Suddenly his body started aching more than before. The wounds on his arm and leg still burned, even though he was not on his human form. He couldn’t stand the pain any longer, the burning sensation was killing him, and he didn’t have the strength to continue as a cat. He suddenly lay down on the wet floor, and allowed himself to turn back into his original shape: his human form. As the transformation occurred, a few cats that were probably just hiding from the rain ran away as if they had been scared of Mark. Scared he thought. He could smell fear, was that the smell of the cats that were scared? No, this was the scent of human fear, and it was close by. He got up as he could, too busy to noticed the rain seemed to be calming down. He walked towards the place he thought the smell was coming from. His breathing was getting heavier, he could barely walk step by step, and his eyesight was getting blurry. He was about to pass out when he felt someone grabbing him and helping him stand up. He made an effort to turn his face and see who it was: a woman. Her scent was delicious, he couldn’t smell fear anymore, and rather he could tell she was worried. “Are you ok? Hey, wake up! Don't pass out right here," He heard her say as he took a last glance at her She is beautiful he thought, and he finally let his eyelids shut down.
    Mark woke up a few minutes later, he was feeling better. He could see a woman in front of him. She was saying something but Mark couldn’t hear her well at first. He was to busy staring at her, she was so beautiful. Her brown hair seemed darker because it was soaked in water; it made great contrast with her white skin which seemed to be the softess. Her neck was and shoulders were exposed with the black halter top she was wearing, and he could tell she was also wearing a black mini skirt. What kind of girl on her sane mind would wear something so revealing on a night light this one? He asked himself as she saw her speaking again. This time he was able to hear her. She wanted to call an ambulance, but that would only complicate things for him. Among the abilities of a vampire there is self regeneration. If he waited a bit more, no, if he was able to take some blood right now, his wounds would be healed in no time. He refused for an ambulance several times, but the girl wouldn’t give up. She thought he was just pretending to be brave so he decided to tell her:
    "All I need is to feed myself" he said hoping she would give up on the ambulance argument.
    "Feed? You mean you want food? You are almost dying and all you want is something to eat? Are you really that hungry?" She said sounding surprised and almost as if she was making fun of him.
    "Yes, I'm hungry...or rather I'm thirsty..." he replied. Would he really tell her his secret?
    "Well, it is 2:00 a.m. no place is open at this time. I can't get any food for you right now. And if you are thirsty you can try the rain water, or you could let me call an ambulance and eat and drink all you want in the hospital."
    "I don't want an ambulance" he said as calm as he could. After all, he didn’t have the strength to raise his voice.
    "Then, where do you want me to feed you from?" It was a rhetorical question; of course she wasn’t really expecting for an answer.
    Where do I want you to feed me from?
    “From here”
    He gave her a smile as he reached for her and pulled her bare neck to his mouth. He pressed his lips against her soft skin and slowly opened his mouth to pierce her with his fangs. He drank from her.