• Her blood was sweet and warm. There was something else to her taste, and he couldn’t figure out what it was. He had never tasted such delicious blood. Was this how a human’s blood tasted? No. This blood was different than a simply common human’s blood. It may be 20 years since he last fed from human’s blood, but he could still remember the taste. As he drank from her he found it difficult to get into her thoughts. Her eyes were wide open, and she wouldn’t obey when he order her to close her eyes. Suddenly he was able to penetrate her thoughts. All he saw and heard were images of her past, flashbacks. It all played like a movie that started when she was 4 years old. He saw a funeral, a beautiful woman crying in front of a coffin while a little girl was standing at her side. “Mommy, what happened to daddy?” the little girl asked. “He is now in heaven, darling” her mother tried to sound as calm as possible. The little girl could feel her mother’s pain and sorrow; she would also miss her dad. The images were now from two years later. The woman from the previous memory was standing in front of her daughter. She was holding hands with a tall man. Although he was handsome, he was somehow scary. “Lilith, darling, I have something to tell you. I want you to meet Mike. We have been dating for a few months now, and we are going to get married.” “Will he be my new daddy?” Lilith asked innocently. “You could say that,” the man answered in a soft voice. Lilith could feel there was something hidden in that tone. A week later, Lilith’s mother had to work the night’s shift. She worked as a bar tender on a nightclub, which was the place where she had met Mike. That night she couldn’t get a hold of the babysitter, so she asked Mike to take care of Lilith for the night. Lilith’s mom call her and said “Lilith, Mary won’t be able to babysit you tonight. Instead, Mike will go home and stay with you until mommy comes home. Please be a good girl, don’t give him any trouble, do as he says and make mommy proud. Ok darling?” “Yes mommy, I’ll be a good girl.” “Glad to hear that honey. Well, mommy has to work. I’ll see you later girly. ” “Ok mom, I love you” “I love you too.” A few minutes after her mom had called; Lilith heard the sound of keys opening the front door. The door was opened and behind it appeared Mike. He was wearing a brown jacket, dirty jeans, and an umbrella. “There is storm outside kiddo” he said as he saw Lilith staring at him. His breath smelled like liquor, even Lilith could smell it from the couch where she was sitting, which was 9 feet away from the door. “Stop staring at me like that and come say hi to your daddy.” He was drunk. Lilith’s mother’s voice played on her mind Please be a good girl, don’t give him any trouble, do as he says and make mommy proud. She got up and walked towards him “Good night daddy” she said. Her voice was soft, she was scared. “Good girl!” Mike said leaning down to grab her and trying to give her a kiss on the cheek. Lilith instantly rejected him because she couldn’t stand his alcoholic breath. “What the hell do you think you are doing, you little b***h? You should treat your ‘daddy’ better or he will be sad and will have to punish you. “I’m sorry, is just that my daddy never got home drunk, and…” “Don’t ever mention him when I’m around, you little brat. I’ll teach you to respect me!” He took his jacket off and threw it on the floor. Next he unzipped his pants and ordered Lilith to come closer. The girl just stood there, she couldn’t move, she was scared. “I’m telling you to come closer!” he yelled. Lilith reacted and she just ran off to her room. “You little brat, I’ll teach you how you should treat your daddy” he ran off following her. The door was locked. Lilith had been smart enough to lock the door after she got in. She hid in the closet. “Do you think you can stop me by hiding? You better think twice. Many other little brats like you have gone through this with me,” he laughed as he continued:
    “Three years ago was the first one, she was a sweet little blond girl whose mother had died when she was born. Her father was just trash. He was and idiot who wanted to get a job and stop being a loser so he could take care of his daughter. I pitied him; he thought that I was actually his friend! One day he had a job interview and he asked me to look after his daughter. She was 6 years old, just like you are, but she acted older. She tried to serve me as if she was the lady of the house. She brought me one of his father’s beers and some chips, and she even turned on the TV so I could watch some sports! She was cute. I kept drinking beer and eventually got drunk. When I get drunk I always want a woman, and she acted like one. I wanted her, and I couldn’t stop myself from caressing her behind. I got turned on and I lost it. I raped her. She screamed and cried, out of pain or pleasure it didn’t really matter to me. I couldn't really stop myself.”
    Lilith had been listening to what he had been saying. She couldn't really understand what he had been saying, but she was even more scared than before. All of a sudden she couldn’t hear him anymore. Was he gone? No. He couldn’t be gone; she couldn’t allow herself to think she was safe. She was about to get out of the closet where she was hiding when she heard him behind the door again. He had keys with him this time, and as he tried to open the door he said:
    “Just thinking about her right now makes me want to see her. I can’t wait until I do to you all I did to her. You just remind me of her so much. So innocent, so beautiful, so obedient…”
    The door opened in an instant and Lilith prepared herself for the worst.
    “…but I haven’t told you how everything ended, have I?” he asked as he walked towards the closet. "She threatened me by saying she would call the police; and she really meant it. She grabbed the phone and dialed 911, but before she could say anything…” he opened the closet’s door and looked at the defenseless girl “…I killed her.”
    Lilith was crying and shaking. She was scared; really scared. The man grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her on the bed. He took off his shirt and ripped off Lilith’s underwear, leaving only on the blue dress she was wearing. “Be scared, yes, be scared. I love to see fear on my victim’s face. Scream all you want, with the storm that’s going on outside no one will be able to hear you,” he said as he grabbed both of Lilith’s arms in one of his hands. Lilith tried kicking him, but it didn’t work. She just kept moving, crying and screaming for help. “Mommy, mommy!” she kept repeating over and over again. “You know what you are doing is just what I want, but you should stop moving and I’ll make sure you enjoy it too,” he said with his drunken breath as he slapped the girl and readied himself to have his way with her.

    Even though it had been only 3 minutes since Mark had started sucking on Lilith’s blood, he pulled away from her. He couldn’t stand those memories. The images of a little girl being raped by the lowest kind of living trash there is in this world. He saw Lilith blink once, and then she asked him: “You saw it, right?” “Yes...I did,” he answered in a weak voice. “Wait, aren’t you scared of me? Aren’t you surprised to see what I am?” he asked really expecting an answer from her. “Why should I be?” was all she answered with. “Because I’m a vampire and I just fed on your blood!” he said getting annoyed. “What you took was not enough for you to be considering as a meal, and I’m not surprised because..." she smiled "I am a member of One World."