• There he stood the creature we all fear.

    The creature of are deepest darkest nightmares.

    It stood there motionless staring at me with eyes as dark as darkness itself. Its pupils were red as molten lava and filled with anger, hatred, deceit and blood lust. It’s Skin leathery and tight and as black as his eyes. Its face was thin but sunken in leaving his eye sockets unfathomably deep. Its mouth was thin and stretched in an evil this world has never seen smirk. And resting upon his head were curved horns three feet tall. Its arms hung on either side of its body they were long and rippled with strong muscles. Farther down its hands were thick and strong and adorned with claws as long and as thick as my arm and curved inward to a very sharp point. Its chest was as wide as a strong thick oak tree and heaved as it breathed. Along its spine two huge bat wings with a wingspan of thirty feet rose above its head. Its legs were long and thick covered in hard muscles. And its feet were short and stubby but were adorned by thick powerful talons.

    And as I gazed at this big frightening creature before me. I felt a rush of air hit me as something landed behind me. I turned around to find A larger more glorious creature standing behind me. I thought it looked down at me but its face was too bright I couldn't tell. It then unfolded two huge white wings that resembled bird’s wings. This time I really thought it looked down at me and smiled. It then seemed to look at the creature that stood before me. Then it pulled out a white sword the size of a house covered in blue flames. I was scared but something in the back of my mind told me it was going to end up all right. I looked up at it and it seemed focused ahead of me. I was going to turn around when the hideous black creature uttered a terrible shrieking noise that shook the ground and threw me down. I then felt the world around me move as both creatures launched into the sky. They stood there hovering for a minute when the glorious white creature struck first. It brought its sword over its head and brought it down on the opposing creature but it blocked the blow with its horns. The hideous creature sought the opportunity and bashed the opposing creature with a wing and slashed at its arm with terrible claws. At first it seemed as it missed but then it cried out in pain and grabbed its arm. I cringed at the sight but it didn't seem to be bleeding too badly. It then seemed to get very angry and slashed at the evil creature’s horns. It cried out in pain as his horns fell to the ground and kicked at the other creature.It dodged the blow just in time and struck once more this time lopping off an arm. The other creature cried out in pain once more and struck the white creature's wing tipping it off balance. In the wake the Evil creature managed to slice open the opposing creature's side with its terrible talons. It grabbed at its side in pain and brought its sword above its head once more bringing it down upon the creature slicing off its last remaining arm. Then in one final move it swung its sword over its head and around stabbing the evil creature in the heart. The creature fell to the ground lifeless and the glorious mysterious creature descended and retrieved its sword from the corpse in victory. I watched it for a minute then started to walk towards it when it seemed to hold up a hand telling me to wait and I did in obedience. Then a brighter golden light engulfed the creature for about a minute as I watched in amazement and awe. When the light faded all its wounds were healed it looked around and then at me smiled once more and held out a hand. I took it gratefully and when I did all my fears vanished and a wave of peace came over me. It then unfolded its wings and wrapped them around me and launched into the sky. As we soared through a cloud I looked up at the Glorious white creature that had saved me and disappeared out of sight.