• I was just starting to drift into a lovely dream. But then..
    The sound of getting a new IM startled me.

    Justinsaidwhat: Heey Kim.

    "Whaat..?!"I said while wiping some drool off of my face. "Ugh, a new IM? Just when I was having a nice dream. This always happens to me! ....? I wonder who it is." I searched the desk for my glasses so I could see clearly. It took me about a minute until I finally found them on the floor. "Justin..?" I haven't talked to him in ages. Last time I talked to him when he was bugging Catherine... Why not respond? I'm already awake, and now there's no way I could possibly fall asleep. And, it's not like we have school anymore, it is summer break right?

    FantasyDreamx3: Heey Justin, it's been a while since we've talked.
    FantasyDreamx3: How's it been?
    JustinSaidWhat: I knoow! That's exactly why I IMed you, but I thought that you would've been sleeping.
    JustinSaidWhat: It's been.. I don't know, haha. biggrin
    FantasyDreamx3: Sleeping, huuh?
    FantasyDreamx3: GEE, I WONDER WHAT I WAS DOING BEFORE YOU IMED. *aheem. (:
    JustinSaidWhat: Lawls. Oh, I'm sorry. If you want, I'll stop IMing.
    FantasyDreamx3: It's all rights.
    FantasyDreamx3: I'm already awake. And, there's no way I can sleep now anyways.
    JustinSaidWhat: Haha, sorry again. We should chill again sometime.
    FantasyDreamx3: Ofcourse! We totally should.
    FantasyDreamx3But, I'm busy Monday-Fridays from about 9-12ish.
    JustinSaidWhat: Ahh, don't worry about that. I'm busy on those day until 12 too!
    FantasyDreamx3: Really? Gee, what are you doing?
    JustinSaidWhat: Haha, I have Tennis Camp.
    JustinSaidWhat: May I ask what you're doing...? xP
    FantasyDreamx3: Oh, WORKING. Yeaaps. Well, more like volunteering. I can stop going anytime I want & then go back anytime. Roofl.
    JustinSaidWhat: Cools. Wheere?
    FantasyDreamx3: biggrin At school.
    FantasyDreamx3: But heey, at least I get paid. (:
    JustinSaidWhat: Truu.
    JustinSaidWhat: Ooops, my bad, typo. *Truue.
    JustinSaidWhat: Oh, how about meeting up at the cafe after your work & my tennis tomorrow? Maybe about 1ish?
    FantasyDreamx3: Hmm..? Suure. Bur you're buying me food! (:
    JustinSaidWhat: -______-
    JustinSaidWhat: Nothing over ten dollars.
    FantasyDreamx3: Don't worry.
    FantasyDreamx3: I don't eat THAT much. [:
    JustinSaidWhat: Alright, Alrights.
    JustinSaidWhat: I think we should both sleep now, you do have work tomorrow & I do have tennis tomorrow.
    JustinSaidWhat: Okays?
    JustinSaidWhat: See you tomorrow?
    FantasyDreamx3: Mmkays. (:
    JustinSaidWhat: Sweet dreeams.

    And after that, I signed off. Justin was right, it was time for me to sleep now. I was kinda eager to see him tomorrow. And, the sooner I sleep, the sooner I would be able to see him. I hopped into my bed, and started to play my music playlist. And, started thinking, hm..? He seems different.. Then I started to drift away back into that lovely dream I was having just before Justin IMed me...