• While walking down the street today, I was atonished to my two best friends making out and not even caring who saw. The way they held each other made me cringe in fear. The boy was Elliot, an eighteen year old and my best friend, the girl was G-mall; that's what we called her. In a way I was jealous that I no longer had someone like that anymore.
    For the first amung thousands of times, I started to cry; my heart was breaking into a thousand little pieces that fell to the floor right then and there. Crying isnt everything, so when I turned and ran with the tears flowing down my face, I could hear Gmall call out the word wait. But they couldn stop me from running to my room and pulling out that blade. The way the sharp edges of the blade moved against my skin made the blood run faster down my finger tips. I began to feel light headed as the blood pooled on the floor in little splats as it went. How could they just do that to me? Why would they hurt me like that.
    A slow gasp built up as Gmall stepped into the room; the blade fell to the floor with a light thud.
    "Sorry the door was open. Elliot could you come here for a second?" Gmall asked as she waited for her boyfriend to enter the room. I just picked up the bloody blade and went back to what I was doing. I gave myself one final cut and now the blood flowed out of my wrist and onto the floor. Elliott hugged me while Gmall cleaned up the blood and my arm. The last thing I heard before I was lost in the blackness and into a mental institution was the ambulance approaching even closer than before.