• He opens his arms and looks at you. Standing in front of him, you pause. "What?"

    He wriggles his fingers and smiles at you - his face lighting up with the smile.

    "What is it?"

    He motions with his arms. After a second, he makes a small throaty noise - the one he makes when he's unhappy because he hasn't gotten what he wanted.

    "Come here." He whines throatily, teasingly, still smiling, but now there is a gleam of sexual lust in his eyes.

    You take a step towards him, then let out a squeal of half surprise/ half delight as he grabs your waist and pulls you into his lap.

    Smiling, you turn your head to the side to look at him. He is smiling, his eyes colored to a deep, electric blue. He's happy. He tightens his arms around your waist and holds you closer to his body. He sighs and rests his head on your back.

    How long you stay like that, you don't know. The comfort of being in his arms feels good - like there is no one in the world but you two at that moment. It a private moment that only you two share - no one else exists.

    Impulsively, you break the moment by turning your face and rubbing your cheek to the stubble on his. He smiles, then lowers his head and gently presses his full - lipped mouth against your own. You sigh, a butterfly tingle filling your body as the kiss lingers for a second.

    Then the voices of the three other people in the room bring you back to reality. You turn around, he places his head on your back once more, then you both return your attention to the small party.

    You stay up late that night. Sleep is an uneventful time lapse. After finally reaching the state, you are awoken merely an hour and a half later by your friend's dad. You glance at your boyfriend. He says to you, "Let's go back to your house and sleep." You agree. You wake his friend, then the three of you say your goodbyes and head out the door.

    Instantly, you freeze - teeth chattering even after the 10 minute drive and you sink into bed and pull the covers over your icy body. Laughing, your boyfriend pulls you close into his body - his chin resting atop your head, your face in his chest, his arms around you and holding you close, and one of his legs thrown over yours in an attempt to warm you.

    Sighing, you snuggle your body close to him - finding that perfect position. Minutes later, you both are asleep.

    "Mmm." You moan groggily, then turn over and grab your phone off the floor next to the bed. You've been asleep barely over an hour. You move back to the warm place you had created in the bed - stealing a quick look, your eyes meet your boyfriend's. You move, fixing your body so that your back is fitted against his front. He groans and places an arm around you. He snakes his hand up your chest and cold fingers squeeze your left breast.

    The sensation causes a tingle to run through your body. You snuggle back into his body. You feel his breath hot against your neck and then a soft kiss is placed against your neck.

    "No! He's still hung up on Christina and Heather." You scream into nothing. You're in a black room. No one is there except for you. A mirror shows up from no where. You step up to it and see yourself.

    Seconds later, he appears behind you, his arms encircling your waist. Both of you look happy and in love.

    "No!" The you outside the mirror screams. "He will never love me! He's still hung up on Christina and Heather. He will never love me." You scream again, this time at the couple in the mirror and suddenly it breaks. The happy couple cracks into a thousand pieces.

    You wake up.

    His arms are still around you. You turn your body over, wakening him and he pulls you close into a hug-like postition.

    You bury your face into his chest. Tears swell behind your closed eyes.

    Your heart is so heavy. None of this is real. You and him are just a facade. Your world isn't real.

    He doesn't want you. He said that. He doesn't care about you. Your connection is weak. You aren't "the one." He doesn't even know if he likes you. You're just sex to him - even then he doesn't want that anymore. Does he even consider you his friend? You mean nothing.

    Over and over. These words play in your head until you fall asleep in his arms.

    The comfort of his arms means nothing now.

    Your world isn't real . . .