• There are many things in life that cannot be explained. Despite this fact, some people believe that scientists will provide an explanation for these mysteries. But, others detest those scientists, and feel that their inquiries will only lead them back to phase one of their research. For example, the origins of the legends of werewolves could never truly be explained. But, natives of an ancient tribe knew of these “legends” and already had a reason for their existence. They believed that these stories of werewolves originated from a villager who saw a boy transform into one before his very eyes. There is also a prophecy that foretells the fate of the tribe and the boy. The tribe’s leader brought a group of scientists to the ruins where a stone tablet lay on a large table of rock. The tablet had remained untouched for many years. Despite the extensive period of time, the tablet showed no sign of erosion. As the group examined the tablet, a young boy approached them. The boy appeared to be no younger than 16, and resembled the boy from the tablet that was currently being studied. The chief was prudent as he glared at the boy. “Decrepit fool. Did you honestly believe that you could imprison me in that lightless void? You must be crazy; I can never be locked away for long.” The boy said.
    The chief was furious, “How dare you disdain me! I am the leader of this tribe. You should revere me! But, I guess, after committing those countless transgressions against our tribe, you wouldn’t have the slightest idea of the meaning of the word respect.”
    The boy, infuriated by the chief’s words, began to growl, the way an angry wolf would.
    Suddenly, the boy dropped to the ground; the boy’s entire body was transforming. From that point, many obvious changes were visible: his hands began to shake as his nails slowly lengthened until they became claws, his mouth started to form a snout, his teeth all became fangs, and his entire body grew hairier every second. By this time, the chief had every scientist evacuate the ruins with the tablet, while he and a group of tribal guards stayed to attempt to imprison the boy in the magical void again; this time, they would trap him forever. Now, the transformation was complete, and the boy had become a werewolf.
    “It’s time,” the chief shouted, “begin the incantation!” As the guards chanted the spell that would re-open a portal to another dimension, the chief saw the boy in his current form, and began to feel remorse, for he too had done something that he would never forgive himself for. He had exiled the boy from his village because the villagers believed that he was too dangerous to be allowed to live among them. The boy wasn’t as insolent as he is now and, despite the fact that he would transform, he had many friends. His parents were happy that he was able to make friends, and they loved when they would come outside and see their son playing and having fun. Nothing made them happier than too watch him run around; their son’s face would turn radiant whenever he was excited. The chief , remembering all of this, as well as the fact that he had separated the boy from his own parents, watched as the boy was slowly being sucked into the portal. Suddenly, he ordered the guards to stop chanting, and to release the boy. So, they did as he commanded, and the boy fell to the ground; exhausted from the struggle against the powerful suction of the portal, the boy changed back into his human form.
    “Why did you not seal me in the void?” the boy asked.
    “I’m sorry.” The chief said in a low, remorseful tone.
    “For what?” the boy was confused by the chief’s sudden mood change.
    “I’m sorry for exiling you from our village. I may not completely understand the pain you must have felt as you saw your parents weeping as you were carried out of the village, but I’m sure that you must have felt very lonely and afraid.”
    The boy began to cry after hearing these words after such a long time of suffering.
    “To make things right, I have decided to allow you to come back and live with us again in the village.”
    “Thank you, chief,” the boy said, wiping tears from his eyes.
    “Well, let’s head back to the village. I’m sure your parents will be in high spirits once we arrive.”
    So, the boy and the chief began their journey back to the village. The boy’s parents were glad to see that their son was finally back home, and that they would be able to watch him go out and play, just as he had before. Meanwhile, the scientists still could not shed some light on the legend of werewolves. However, the world now had a new legend to pass down. But, this legend wouldn’t involve an evil werewolf. This legend would be about the chief of a native tribe who allowed a boy who had been exiled from the village to return home to his parents, and a young boy that had been forced to spend years alone and had to struggle against many hardships, and was finally able to see his family again. In summary, some things in life just cannot be explained. But, sometimes certain things are better off unknown.