• [Girl walks in and sits down at top right corner of the four square table group. Everyone is holding models and posters relating to a researched topic. She is holding something that only a trained eye could understand. It was obviously made yesterday. She grins happily at her work and rests it at her table. The other three give sceptical glances. They are at table 7. We will call her TL short for top left. The other three girls are named by directions BL-bottum left BR-Bottum right TR-Top right.]

    Teacher: Okay, everyone sit down the bell rang. Please give yourself a self prediction and discuss your project and written report at your table amongst yourself.
    Thinking: What is that thing that girl is holding at table 7...?

    TL: I think I got an F, I didn't try hard this time.
    Thinking: Fetching for compliments always boosts your confidence. I seriously am getting an A. *Gives a dramatic and lengthy sigh*

    TR: No I'm sure you'll get an A.
    Thinking:She's getting an F. She's getting an F. She's getting an F.

    BL: Yea, it's ... great. How much time did you spend on it? *She carefully pats the object to reassure TL and then draws her hand back quickly*
    Thinking:Is it safe to touch?

    BR: (extremely bluntly) What is it?
    Thinking:What is it?

    TL: (gasp) I worked VERY, very, very...
    Thinking: How could she? I mean I know she's odd but how can she NOT see what it is?

    BR Thinking: Barbie doll?

    TL: ... VERY, VERY, VERY hard on this.
    Thinking:The nerve of her! Her project doesn't look very good herself, too!

    BR Thinking: Dead toad?

    TL: Do you even know how time consuming this was? VERY TIME CONSUMING.
    Thinking: When she gets an F and I get an A I'll just laugh in her sorry, little face!

    BR Thinking: Human corpse?

    BL: Just say sorry, BR. She didn't know, TL, it was just a misunderstanding.
    Thinking: OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE SAID IT! Props to her.

    TR: TL, don't be so offended. It's a very good... (mutters in a voice that can't be understood but seems like she's saying something) something-or-other. Oh, look here's the teacher.
    Thinking: I'm sure the teacher won't resolve this, but it does make me feel better it's his problem now.

    Teacher: Can I check off your rubrics please?
    Thinking: Oh god it's even more horrible up close! And what is that stench...?

    TR: Umm, Teacher? We have a problem here. TL is very insulted by BR and wants her to say sorry.
    Thinking: Make yourself at home. You'll be here a while.

    TL: Yes, that would help me very much, Teacher.
    Thinking: She's on my list too! I can speak for myself. And just say sorry? She'll have to beg on her knees if she wants my forgiveness!

    BR Thinking: Oh, I know what they want me to do. I get it. rolleyes 3nodding -Author note: I'm sorry I couldn't display the mood in any way other than the two smile faces.- *Grabs the object*
    BR: I'm very sorry she killed you. We'll bury you later. She's sorry too on the inside she just doesn't want to show it.

    TL: *speechless*
    Thinking: I can't even begin to...

    BL: *bursts out laughing* I'm very sorry, I couldn't. Oh god...
    Thinking:Even if we try to bury it I don't think there's much left to bury.

    Teacher: BR, really, you shouldn't say things like that.
    Thinking: At least not out loud that is.
    Teacher: I'm going to check off you're rubrics and grade them after the presentation. (To class) Everyone! We're going to start doing our presentations. If I forgot to check off your rubric to show you did your project on time bring it up to me before you do your presenation. TL, why don't you go first?

    TL: I'd love to teacher! *sticks her tonge out at BR* He chose me first.
    Thinking: My project will be somuch better than the rest!

    Teacher, BL, TL Thinking: This should be interesting.

    BR Thinking: I wonder if they'll serve pizza today in the cafeteria... Or maybe a smoothie...

    TL: Before I start my project I would like BR to say sorry for insulting my project.
    Thinking: Didn't see that coming did you? *smirk*

    [BR stares absent mindly at TL before she understands that she wanted her to say sorry to TL instead of to the project.]

    BR: Oh, you wanted me to say sorry to THAT.
    Thinking: Never would have guessed that.

    TL: That?!
    Thinking: THAT?! EXCUSE ME?

    Teacher: BR!
    Thinking: It's not really a THAT, it's more of an IT.

    BR: I'm sorry, BL.

    TL: TL!
    Thinking: She should be ashamed.

    BR: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry TL.

    TL: *scowls at BR and continues presentation with disgust* My project is about tooth decay.

    Teacher, BL, TL Thinking: Ohhh.

    BR Thinking: Tooth relay? Such a thing exists...?

    TL: When you don't brush your teeth often and keep it clean it'll decay. This also happens to very old and ancient teeth. Here is a representation of a decaying tooth. *She holds up the object*
    Thinking: Why are that group at table five gaping at me. The teacher too! Hey, shut your mouthes over there!

    BR: *interrupting* Isn't that a prechewed dog bone?
    Thinking: Why did she bring that?

    TL: Excuse me? How could you even thing of that?
    Thinking: How did she know?

    BR: *leans in and looks at it hard* Yes, that's my dog's dog bone. Someone stole it off of the front lawn a few days ago. I didn't know it would be you.
    Thinking: What kind of sick people steal other dogs' dogbones?

    TL: Teacher! She's interrupting my presentation.
    Thinking: It's your fault for leaving your cheap dog toys laying about!

    Teacher: BR stop interrupting TL's presenation.
    Thinking: It is, it is. I see the teeth marks.

    BR: Nooo~ it says my name and adress on the dogbone. It happened to our other dog bone once so we wrote on it in sharpie. See look: Please return to BR at 1234 Street Drive.
    Thinking: Hmm...

    TL: *screaming* No, it doesn't!! *Hides corner dogbone behind her back as class leans in to take a closer look*
    Thinking: I should've just bought one!

    BR: I was just joking.
    Thinking: Can no one really understand my jokes? I don't even own a dog. My neighbor does... >_>

    TL: *wide eyed*
    Thinking: WHAT?!

    Teacher: TL, can you see me after class? *sigh*
    Thinking: She was tricked by BR of all people?

    [TL walks back to her seat.]

    BLYou grabbed somebody's dog bone? So not cool, TL. I don't want to bring your hopes up, you're probably not getting an A.

    TL: But you said-!