• Believe it or not ! If u believe, follow its instruction ! if u dun believe, jz ignore ! i jz sent for fun ! ^.^
    Jing Wen, this year 3 years old. No eyes and mouth, already dead, see it still not belive-Jing Wen Today midnight 1:00 well be beside your bed see you, or Ting Wen well also in your room rooftop see you, Jing Wen well also call your name.
    If you still not belive see this story:
    At 1914 year 6 month 29 date, because a person deleted this letter, the 2nd day, a person saw her/his dead body, even doctor don't know why this person is dead, even her family and friends.
    If you delete this message your family will be dead in 5 days,you have to read this message and send to 30 friends...your family well not see a ghost. Take this letter and send it to 30 friends, after 10 days the people who hate you will love you. If you do not send message your mother well after 50 days a car well (you know what) and dead(Very danger).