• Fast-Forward:

    Once again, it’s the most dreaded day of the year... well, for us anyways...Valentine’s day! I’m so excited... not! Having to spend Valentines in school just seems to drag on forever, trust me. It’s plain torture, it’s a nightmare, it’s-!

    “Hey Eleanor, I got you a brownie..!” Raziel said, holding a brownie.

    “Yay! Brownie!” I cheered.

    It’s the best day of my life!!! Eh, not really, but at least we get chocolates and stuff ^^

    “Here Eleanor...” Scarlet said, giving me a small pack of candy hearts.

    “Um... they’re not poisoned, are they?” I asked, slowly opening the box.

    “No, they’re not...” She sighed.

    I took out one of the candy hearts and it read:

    “’I loathe you’”

    Scarlet: Yup ^^

    Me: -_-

    “Hey, where are the others?” Raziel asked.

    “Over there, chasing one of the were-tigers for her ‘valentine’s day’ cookies...” Scarlet said, pointing at Felicity.

    Raziel and I: O.O *chase Felicity also*

    Felicity: NOOO!!! MY COOKIES!!!

    Scarlet: *shrugs and chases Felicity too*


    “ Hey Raziel, do you know what happened to the brownie you gave me?” I asked, suspiciously.

    Raziel: *hides brownie behind back* I don’t know..!

    Charlotte: Oohh! Brownie! *steals brownie*

    Raziel and I: My brownie! *attack Charlotte*

    “Hey guys! I brought presents!” Sol said.

    “What kind of presents?” Victoria asked.

    “Just take them and open them!”

    ~A few seconds later...

    Me: *holding a white gold necklace* Ooh! Thanks Sol!

    Victoria: *holding silver earrings* So pretty!

    Raziel: *holding a new bow* It smells like brownies! ^^

    Gabriel: *holding a rainbow shirt* -_- I hate you...

    Fairyboy: *holding a pink jacket* >.< No comment..!

    Jason: *holding a leash* *eye twitch* You have got to be kidding me!

    “Actually, it’s has an inscription!” Sol said.

    “Let’s see... here’s a leash for when you and Eleanor go on your honeymoon?!?!?!” Jason exclaimed.

    Sol: Yup! ^^

    Jason: -_- I hate you...

    Jacob: *holding a spiked dog collar* Why me?

    Tobi: *holding a Brawl trophy* Awesome!

    Charlotte: *holding a Joe Jonas shirt* Squee!!!

    Luna: *holding gold bracelets* Aww! Thanks!

    Felicity: *holding a Sora (from KH) plushy* Sora!!! *hugs*

    Scarlet: *holding a wooden stake* I hate you all..!

    Wayne: *holding hair gel* Cool, I was running out of it!

    ~ Later:

    Later on in the morning, Charlotte came inside the Library wearing with a long, red dress, small, white wings with a bow and a couple of feathered arrows.

    “Um, Charlotte? Why are you wearing that?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “Since it is valentine’s day, I decided to act like cupid! Get this, my dad knows the actual cupid and he gave me a couple of arrows that actually make people fall in love!”

    “Really?! Prove it!” Raziel said.

    Charlotte just took out an arrow, placed it on the bow, aims it at Scarlet and shoots it! Then, the arrow hit the vampire hard and she looked down at a random broccoli that was in her hand.

    Scarlet: *heart-shaped eyes* I love you, broccoli! *hugs*

    Raziel and I: eek Wow... Shoot someone else!!! xd

    Charlotte just took out another arrow and aims it at Gabriel, shooting it. Gabriel got hit and before he turned around to kill who did it, he looked at a random wall in the room and glomped it!

    Gabriel: *heart-eyes* I love you, wall..!

    “Ok, it was funny at first, now that’s just plain scary...” I muttered.

    “Hey, guys!” Felicity said, popping out of nowhere.

    Charlotte just shrugged and shot another arrow at Felicity out of boredom. Then, Felicity also got hit and looked over at Gabriel’s beloved wall.

    “Oh, but soft, what light through yonder window breaks! It is the east and Wall is the sun!” Felicity said, wearing Romeo-like clothes.

    Wall: *has a Juliet-looking dress painted on it*

    “Hey, that wall is mine!!!” Gabriel said, glaring at her.

    “No, it’s mine! What are you going to do about it?!” Felicity said.


    “Eleanor! Look at this!” Jason said, giving me a small piece of paper.

    It said,
    “Battle Royal at the Gym!
    Tonight at the gym, wrestling between a leopard and a tiger for a wall’s affection! You don’t want to miss it!”

    “Charlotte’s been giving these around to us...” Jason said.

    “Will there be brownies there?!” Raziel said, popping out of nowhere.

    “P.S. Free Brownies!!!” I read.

    “YAY!” Raziel cheered.

    “Hey Scarlet! Are you going to that battle thing at the gym tonight?” I asked.

    “No, I’m just going to Las Vegas with my broccoli..!” She said.

    “To do what?” Jason asked, confused.

    “...what happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas...” She muttered.

    Jason, Raziel and I: o.O WTF?

    Author's note: Pretty messed up day for them, huh? Don't worry, it'll get worse! Well, this chapter was made in the honor of my friends and I finally on winter vacation for one whole month!!! Now, please comment or Scarlet won't go to Las Vegas with her broccoli!!! Adios, amigos!!!