• Highschool is a b***h! But, I'm pretty sure you already knew that. Afterall, it doesn't take long for one realize that each and everyone of those semi-inteligent creatures your staring into are nothing more than children. Children, who's only interest are grades, pool parties, and the opposite sex or, in some cases, the same sex. I can't even coun't how many times I stood waiting in line, desperately trying to ignore conversations like this:
    "Hey dude, did you see that girl in the red shirt?"
    "No, why"
    "Dude over there look. Her boobs are huge!"
    "Dude, her? I know her. She's a freshman"
    "She's a freshman?"
    "No s**t "
    "********, her tits are gigantic."
    I don't think many understand the meaning of subtlety, you know. I swear, children are the most perverted species on the planet. Then, there are the countless other injustices brought on by a poorly managed budget system. The crowded hallways that smelled like a primordial zestpool of sweat and failure, the noise of easily amused mice all around you, and the mediocrely cured slops of meat they try to pass off as food. I hear slaughterhouses make millions. And the children. The estrogen raged hormonal factory kindly asking the other to "******** hurry up and get off the chair." Then, the other would roll her eyes away and whisper, what you knew were very unkind words, before making her dramatic exit. I swear, highschool is a b***h...