• *Bell rings and everyone heads home*

    Kat: Remember my sleepover is on saturday!

    Patty: Hay Zythra why hasn`t anyone ever been to ur house???? question

    Zythra: Because my parents don`t like pplz thats why!

    *Zythra runs home* *Drops book and Darth comes oveer and picks it up*

    Darth thinks: No 1 knows where she live huh! Well I`m going to find out!

    *Darth goes into the office*

    Darth: excuse me can I have Zythra`s adress she droped this and I want to return it to her.

    Office lady: Sure here.

    Darth: Thanks!

    *Darth runs to Zythras house*

    Darth thinks: Omg this house is huge I didn`t know that she was rich!

    *Darth goes and rings the door bell*

    Darth: hello my name is Darth and I`m here to return this to Zythra.

    Zythra`s Parents: Well hello Zythra never told us that she had a bf!

    *Darth blushes* heart

    Darth: I`m not here boy friend I`m just here friend.

    Zythra`s Parents: well she is in her workshop working on some new robot thing. You may use the elevator if u wish it is the red button!

    Darth: Ok thank you.

    *Darth takes elevator to Zythra`s Workshop*

    *Very loud music playing*

    *Darth walks over and taps Zythra on the shoulder*

    Zythra: AHHHHH! *Snaps and music turns off*

    Zythra: How did u find out that I live here.....who cares anyway Just don`t tell anyone u got me!?!?!

    Darth: YES! *little scared* Anyway the office gave me ur adress so I can return ur Social Studies book.

    Zythra: F**KING office pplz! U didn`t need to bring the book anyway like I was really going to do the homework.

    Darth: Zythra can I ask u a question?

    *Zythra puts down things and turns around*

    Zythra: What????? question

    To Be Continued!

    Hint for part 2`s question heart heart