• It was a bright and sunny day in Miami, as it was typically in the spring. In the early morning, there were mostly men moving up and down along the streets, taking cabs, bikes, or their own two feet. Almost every one of them wore a suit and a hat, reading the papers as their rides drove down the road. The few women that walked down the street held their dresses up to not get them dirty on the ground as they ran their traditional errands.

    A lone newspaper flew under a cab, across the street, and to the feet of a man who merely walked over it, his shoe stamping on the 1953 in the date. There was no expectation in the world other than the usual hard work that was accomplished every day. One man down the busy street lit a cigar underneath a worn out sign to a well-known bar while others passed him by. Cabs and cars honked at each other in anger and fear of being late. Some other gentlemen quickened their pace, hoping to get passed the center of town as soon as possible. They crossed one intersection, seeing a lone man in the middle of the road, causing a traffic block, but they ignored it, seeing as he was probably trying to just cross the street.

    The cars were surrounded in fire and shrapnel, chunks of the man in the road now flying across the street, shattering windows as cars close by the suicidal bomber erupted in flame. Their gas tanks could not stand the pressure nor the heat and soon triggered into makeshift explosives themselves, causing a chain of destruction down the entire road. People ran from the site of death, blood pooling into the cracks of the sidewalks and road while burnt crisps of vehicles with shattered skeletons inside littered the soon deserted street. A minute later, another explosion could be heard across the town.

    These attacks continued until a group of police vans came in, driving past everything and to the city hall. The police got out and ran straight in, but it was only when they started to shoot civilians did the people realize that they were a threat. Blood filled the entire building, bodies scattered all over inside as all the exits were blocked off. The mayor was executed on the roof with a rifle shot to the head and the body slung off the side.

    They had this planned for so long.