• "Aim for the eyes darling." Thats what she always said before going into danger. "The eyes are their weak spot love, so make sure to hit em where it hurts". Just think that after this we can finally leave this life behind" It was like a good luck saying, until she was beaten and ripped apart, then it became a matra for him to keep fighting. His steel blue eyes seem to shine from behind his faceplate, a slight grin gracing his face. Hands clenching around the slender form of the rifle that he used he slowly slinks through the shadows towards the house. The signel he had recived was faint, but it was clearly human inside. Hopefully it was not a trap designed by them to capture any other fighers.
    His large steel boots crunch on the gravle leading up to the front door, which actually had no door, for it was clearly blow apart in one fight or another in the streets outside the large house. Roman pillars, riddled with bullet holes flank the opening, somehow standing despite being weakened. Glancing at his psy reader he frowns slightly, the signel was getting weaker.
    The floor creaks loudly as he steps through the opening, causing the man to grimace as he suddenly stops, listening for any kind of noise from the house, but he hears nothing. Boldly he strides forward scanning the rooms as he passes them, looking for the person that he hoped was still alive. Suddenly from behind he hears a loud crash followed by a series of inhuman screams coming from the front of the house. They had found him, and he had little time to find the person if he could.
    Reaching down to his belt he smiles broadly and says "******** you" as he presses the detenator to the mines he had placed outside as he reconed the house. The ground shakes as a dozen explosions ignite, causing dust and mortar to fall from the ceiling, almost like snow. As silence fills the room more screams originated from outside, he had only killed a few it seems.