• One day I was riding my bike to school. I came across a stupid dog laying in the middle of the gawd dang road and i ran over him. I flipped over him, and he was seriously injured. Turned out, the dog was my best friend's dog and so i just ran like hell. Then when i got to school, I had a suprise test and i wasn't ready.You know what happens next, I fail. Then i forget to turn in my homework and get detention. After that, (not after detention, still middle of school) my girlfriend breaks up with me because there was this new kid and she thought he was hot. For the love of HELL,OMFG. THIS DAY CAN'T GET WORSE. Then, when my luck ran out, the gang of retarded freaks(gang people who think they are cool, which they are (constipated, overwieghted, outastyle, losers)). Anyway, they choke me, push me down a hill, i beat them up and get in trouble. ******** THIS, s**t, OMFG.
    The end.

    True story. Not made up. Don't be like me when i was in fifth grade.