• Zythra: Wat do u need to tell me Darth???

    Darth: What do you think of Patty?

    Zythra: Well I think that she is an insane phsyco path who should be put in an asylum, but she is still my friend.

    Darth: Well do you think----

    Zythra: Did I mention that she is also wanted for murder!

    Darth: So who cares....Hey wait arn`t u wanted for murder too!

    Zythra:Hey it was self defence! Well why did you want to know wat I thought of Patty?

    Darth: I really don`t know anymore. Well I better get going bye.

    Zythra: Ok bye Darth.

    *The next day at skool*

    Kat: Wat Patty?

    Patty: Zythra is rich!

    Zythra: I am not!! scream

    Tipsy: There is no way that Zythra is rich!

    Patty: stressed

    Kat: He has a point Patty u are known for lieing.

    Tipsy: Ya she is right!

    Patty: I`m right and ur not gay either!!

    Tipsy: I am GAY!

    *Walks over and Kisses Joe*

    *Everyone leaves exept Zythra & Patty*

    Zythra: scream How the hell did u find that out! scream

    Patty: I have my ways!

    *Patty walks away while Darth walks over to Zythra*

    Zythra: U told her didn`t u!

    Darth: No I--

    Zythra: I trusted u-----

    Darth: scream Shut Up! *Yellin* I DID NOT TELL HER!! I WOULD NEVER TO THAT YOU! *Talking calm again* I would never do that to you.